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Bulgarian Individual Championship for B14 Plovdiv 2011

Last update 07.04.2011 11:43:28, Creator/Last Upload: Bulgarian Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Nikolov Rumen1756BUL 11w1 14b1 6w1 4b½ 2w1 5b½ 10w1 12b1 3w½7,539,550,56
2Bardarov Georgi1749BUL 15b1 9w1 3b½ 6w1 1b0 7w1 4b0 5b1 8w16,539,5526
3Dereshki Dario1923BUL 8w½ 22b1 2w½ 19b1 5w0 11b1 6w1 4b1 1b½6,538,549,55
4Daskalov Dimitar2055BUL 16b1 23w1 5b1 1w½ 7b0 9b1 2w1 3w0 12w16,53849,56
5Nikolov Mihail1837BUL 17w1 19b1 4w0 14b1 3b1 1w½ 7b½ 2w0 9b1638,5505
6Metodiev Veselin1880BUL 18b1 13w1 1b0 2b0 19w1 8w1 3b0 10b½ 7w15,537,5495
7Peev Georgi1519BUL 25w1 10b½ 8w½ 13b1 4w1 2b0 5w½ 9w½ 6b0538473
8Stoyanov Valeri1786BUL 3b½ 12w1 7b½ 10b1 9w0 6b0 19w1 14w1 2b0536,5474
9Vachev Kostadin1889BUL 28w1 2b0 11w½ 22b1 8b1 4w0 18w1 7b½ 5w0535,545,54
10Atanasov Viktor Atanasov1775BUL 20b1 7w½ 23b½ 8w0 14b1 13w1 1b0 6w½ 15b½534,5463
11Yordanov Konstantin1697BUL 1b0 21w1 9b½ 23w1 16b1 3w0 12w0 22b1 13w½533444
12Hristov Kaloyan1616BUL 22w0 8b0 28w+ 15w1 17b1 23w1 11b1 1w0 4b053343,55
13Iliev Ivelin1647BUL 24b1 6b0 17w1 7w0 21b1 10b0 15w½ 18w1 11b½53240,54
14Petkovski Radoslav1505BUL 21b1 1w0 25b1 5w0 10w0 20b1 24w1 8b0 19b1530,540,55
15Zashev Ivan1661BUL 2w0 28b1 19w0 12b0 27w1 17w1 13b½ 20b1 10w½530374
16Chorapinov Marian1800BUL 4w0 26b1 22w½ 24b1 11w0 18b0 17w½ 21b1 23w+527,535,54
17Dimitrov Kristiyan1716BUL 5b0 27w1 13b0 25w1 12w0 15b0 16b½ -1 22w14,52834,53
18Gerdzhikov Kiril1729BUL 6w0 24b½ 20w0 26b1 22w1 16w1 9b0 13b0 25w14,527,534,54
19Dichev Dragomir1602BUL 27b1 5w0 15b1 3w0 6b0 21w1 8b0 24b1 14w0433404
20Todorov Ivan1713BUL 10w0 25b- 18b1 21w0 25b1 14w0 26b1 15w0 -142834,53
21Vasilev Tsvetoslav0BUL 14w0 11b0 26w1 20b1 13w0 19b0 -1 16w0 27b142732,53
22Popov Milen0BUL 12b1 3w0 16b½ 9w0 18b0 25w1 23b1 11w0 17b03,531,540,53
23Yordanov Hristo Ant1681BUL 26w1 4b0 10w½ 11b0 24w1 12b0 22w0 27b1 16b-3,527343
24Milov Petar0BUL 13w0 18w½ 27b1 16w0 23b0 -1 14b0 19w0 26b13,526,5322
25Tosunov Simeon0BUL 7b0 20w+ 14w0 17b0 20w0 22b0 27w1 26w1 18b032631,53
26Konstantinov Ivan0BUL 23b0 16w0 21b0 18w0 -1 27b1 20w0 25b0 24w0223,528,51
27Rusinov Ruslan0BUL 19w0 17b0 24w0 28b+ 15b0 26w0 25b0 23w0 21w0123,5301
28Yankov Ivan0BUL 9b0 15w0 12b- 27w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0021,527,50

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel With parameter)
Tie Break3: The greater number Of victories