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Upsala ASS September-ELO 2019 grupp A

Senast uppdaterad15.09.2019 18:53:52, Creator/Last Upload: David Foster


1Westerberg Jonathan1701754SWE2546Stockholms SS
2Ernst Thomas1700065SWE2329Farsta SK
3Lundin Jan1706896SWE2291Farsta SK
4Wahlund Max1741861SWE2170Linköpings ASS
5Sundin Emanuel1719173SWE2094Gnarps SK
6Lanin Boris4198166RUS1987Upsala ASS
7Carlsson Gustav1734148SWE1983Heby SS
8Ekelund Kurt1706667SWE1967Upsala ASS
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