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Northumberland Minor

Last update 29.09.2019 20:20:05, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
135FRENCH MorganENG109Forest Hall4,5
22SALISBURY PaulENG130Yorks Copper Works4,0
8COX KevinENG122Gateshead4,0
32HUNN DavidENG111Dagenham *4,0
513ERSKINE-PEREIRA JackENG121Gosforth3,5
18MORRIS Nigel WENG119Coventry Chess3,5
20XU WeimingENG118Forest Hall3,5
27CHESTER IanENG1153,5
91PEARDON DaveENG130Hetton Lyons3,0
10OXNARD RichardENG122Tynemouth3,0
16STEWARDSON DavidENG120Leam Lane3,0
17BAIRD JeffENG119Forest Hall3,0
26BOWLER TimENG115Maryport3,0
28GUNASEKERA AsangaENG115South Shields3,0
29SNEESBY PhilENG115St Johns Norwich3,0
30MCKAY MarkENG114Gosforth3,0
31LARKIN Steve JENG113Tynedale3,0
34WILLEY David RENG111Carlisle Austin Friars3,0
40AINSLEY Geoff JENG107Calderdale3,0
43DUFF Ryan JgENG102Forest Hall3,0
214HEYMAN RobertENG126Gosforth2,5
5HOWE DanielENG126Gosforth2,5
7RAMSEY Dave LENG123Morpeth2,5
9NOBLE WilliamENG122Gateshead2,5
19MOORE John TaENG118Eastbourne2,5
21COSTELLO Paul TUKR117Gosforth2,5
33LYDON JohnENG111Carlisle Austin Friars2,5
37JOHNSON StanleyENG109South Shields2,5
38JOHNSON AlexENG108Gateshead2,5
39REDDINGTON JohnENG108Peterlee2,5
41SCORER David MENG107Clitheroe2,5
49APPLEBY J RobertENG88Leam Lane2,5
333BUCKELL David JENG129Clitheroe2,0
6BOUSTRED Noel JENG124Gosforth2,0
12BEARDSLEY MartinENG121Gosforth2,0
15DUFFELL NickENG120Buxton2,0
24WHITE Dennis AENG116Tynemouth2,0
25ATKINSON SophieENG115Forest Hall2,0
36JARAH Edward WENG109Gosforth2,0
44EDDERSHAW John HtENG95Ecclesall2,0
4122SIMPKINS NickENG1171,5
23FREEMAN PaulENG116Peterlee1,5
42HENDERSON William FnENG105Carlisle Austin Friars1,5
48WATSON David MENG90Morpeth1,5
50LI RayENG82Rgs Newcastle1,5
4611WELLER ColinENG122Scarborough1,0
14ROOK Ian RENG121Forest Hall1,0
45MILLER Joseph EENG94Leam Lane1,0
47DALLAS AlastairENG90Edinburgh1,0
5046GORMAN PatrickENG930,5
5151ALLEN Michael EiENG73South Shields0,0
52Pearson PatrickENG28Tynemouth0,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)

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