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94º Final Campeonato Argentino Superior 2019 - 15 al 26 de septiembre 2019

Last update 26.09.2019 23:34:23, Creator/Last Upload: AI Leandro

Starting rank list of players

1GMFlores Diego108049ARG2602
7GMPichot Alan110973ARG2600
10GMPeralta Fernando105309ARG2566
5GMKrysa Leandro116807ARG2519
6IMTristan Leonardo113816ARG2509
8IMBitelmajer Martin111651ARG2469
2IMAcosta Pablo Ismael124311ARG2445
4IMPerez Maximiliano117234ARG2429
11GMValerga Diego100587ARG2418
9IMDolezal Cristian103560ARG2414
12FMAguilar Andres113514ARG2319
3IMScarella Enrique Alejandro101370ARG2302