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Latvijas cempionats zeni-14, 21.-25.03.2011.

Last update 25.03.2011 13:45:33, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank list of players

3Petrovskis Olegs 1LAT2003
2Sumskis Aleksandrs 1LAT1986
5Serdjuks Makss 1LAT1957
7Vins Aleksis 1LAT1943
1Ovcinnikovs Aleksejs 1LAT1921
6Markauss Daniels 1LAT1861
10Haciveli Zubeirs 1LAT1860
9Migunovs Andrejs 1LAT1833
4Mezeckis Andrejs 1LAT1819
8Grapmanis-Skumbins Edgars 1LAT1812