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Northumbria Challengers

Last update 27.08.2019 20:33:32, Creator/Last Upload: Alan

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Starting rank

1Hubbard Michael430137ENG1946
2Muellenbruck Stefan24618446GER1935
3Bhopal Raj2404443SCO1931
4Song Ran8611840CHN1927
5Nandi Robin J434604ENG1920
6Reynolds Mark A421227ENG1917
7Bielby Paul R429864ENG1916
8Jennings Richard2404435SCO1915
9Riding Mick D430102ENG1893
10Macnaughton Alistair461059ENG1885
11Spanton Tim R404802ENG1881
12Wynarczyk Raymond415081ENG1847
13Zhu Yaoyao8601330ENG1842
14Couch Mark441490ENG1840
15Robson Paul E424803ENG1829
16Kane Robert420468ENG1822
17Mcguinness Simon P450146ENG1819
18Parry Samuel460397ENG1773
19Macdonald Ciaran486400ENG1743Forest Hall
20Turner James430293ENG1719
21AIMJagadeesh Balakrishnan5817650SGP1695
22Hall David G2402394SCO1683
23Walkowiak Adam2405806SCO1661
24Ratnesan Rajeiv439320ENG1647
25Stoyanov Boris456462ENG1592
26AFMBridgeman Niamh343113833ENG1511
27Chen Daniel Xingyu469149ENG1479
28Mohindra Raj468924ENG0
29Zhang HangxuanENG0