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Caissa Start of Season

Last update 01.09.2019 10:20:14, Creator/Last Upload: MUÑIZ PARDIÑO, Alberto

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMTan Matthew2411NED 21w1 9b1 22w1 2b1 10w1 3b1 4w17021,530,5
2IMLlaneza Vega Marcos2415ESP 17b1 11w1 3b1 1w0 12b1 5w1 8b16022,533,5
3CMRivas Vila David2185ESP 7w1 19b1 2w0 22b1 11w1 1w0 14b15022,532,5
4GMBurg Twan2526NED 19w0 24b1 33w1 8b1 9w1 6b1 1b0502029
5Ng Chung Lok Andrew1722HKG 14w1 33b1 8w½ 10b½ 19w1 2b0 11w1502028
6Lopez De Anda Edgar1735USA 16b0 18w1 31b1 25w1 15b1 4w0 13b1501926,5
Chan Wang Ip Boris1279HKG 3b0 13w1 30b1 12w0 25b1 15w1 9w1501926,5
8IMLehtinen Heikki2389FIN 12b1 16w1 5b½ 4w0 17b1 10w1 2w04,502232
9Kwong Wing Ki1662HKG 18b1 1w0 20b1 13w1 4b0 16w1 7b0402232,5
10FMYu Peter2247USA 27b1 20w1 15b1 5w½ 1b0 8b0 19w½4020,530,5
11Cheung Melvin1657HKG 24w1 2b0 28w1 23b1 3b0 18w1 5b0402029
12Mackay Hamish1284FID 8w0 23b1 34w1 7b1 2w0 14b0 24w14019,527,5
13Nissinen Niilo0USA 34w1 7b0 21w1 9b0 26w1 19b1 6w0401926
14Hari Advay1153HKG 5b0 15w0 35b1 30w1 27b1 12w1 3w04018,525,5
15Wang Julian Samuel0HKG 38w1 14b1 10w0 31b1 6w0 7b0 26w14018,523,5
16Lyer Neel1231HKG 6w1 8b0 23w0 28b1 22w1 9b0 25w14017,525,5
17Garceran Wang Miguel Angel1508HKG 2w0 22b0 38w1 24b1 8w0 23b1 28w14016,522,5
18Ozbek Gorkem1147TUR 9w0 6b0 37w1 29b1 34w1 11b0 22w1401622
19Ackerman Conrad Christoffel1511HKG 4b1 3w0 29b1 27w1 5b0 13w0 10b½3,502129
20Yan Joseph1121HKG 26w1 10b0 9w0 21b½ 31w1 24b0 27b13,5016,523
21Hsin Hung Cheng1421HKG 1b0 30w1 13b0 20w½ 23w1 26b0 33w13,501625
22Nguyen Paul0HKG 32b1 17w1 1b0 3w0 16b0 31w1 18b03019,529
23Su Bo Ruei0HKG 25b1 12w0 16b1 11w0 21b0 17w0 34b13018,524,5
24Ngai Shun Kiu1127HKG 11b0 4w0 32b1 17w0 30b1 20w1 12b0301825,5
25Li Yiheng0HKG 23w0 36b1 26w1 6b0 7w0 32b1 16b03017,524
26Bret Jean-Sebastien1552HKG 20b0 29w1 25b0 33w1 13b0 21w1 15b0301723
27Yu Patrick Qi0HKG 10w0 37b1 36w1 19b0 14w0 29b1 20w03015,520,5
28Agyeman Tiia Akyem Owusua0HKG 33b0 32w1 11b0 16w0 35b1 34w1 17b03014,520,5
29Chan Pui Yin Brandon0HKG 35b1 26b0 19w0 18w0 33b1 27w0 36b13013,519
30Lin Samuel0HKG 37w1 21b0 7w0 14b0 24w0 35b1 32w½2,501521
31Brown Alex0HKG 36w½ 38b1 6w0 15w0 20b0 22b0 37w12,501318
32Xiao Constantin0HKG 22w0 28b0 24w0 38b1 36b1 25w0 30b½2,501316
33Garceran Wang Mei Jing1018HKG 28w1 5w0 4b0 26b0 29w0 37w1 21b02017,523,5
34Yiu Jonathan0HKG 13b0 35w1 12b0 36w1 18b0 28b0 23w0201621,5
35Sacha Matthew Agyeman0HKG 29w0 34b0 14w0 37b1 28w0 30w0 38b12011,515,5
36Rui Beebe0HKG 31b½ 25w0 27b0 34b0 32w0 38b1 29w01,501316
37Wu Vincent Kwun Wa0HKG 30b0 27w0 18b0 35w0 38w1 33b0 31b0101216
38Lin James0HKG 15b0 31w0 17b0 32w0 37b0 36w0 35w00012,517,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)