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10th DATCC/DATIN YEE WAI FONG Age-Group CC 2019 - UNDER 16

Last update 15.08.2019 10:49:48, Creator: Malaysian Chess Federation,Last Upload: Kinabalu Chess Academy

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Starting rank

1WFMSinggih Diajeng Theresa7104391INA1823
2WCMChua Jia-Tien5710006MAS1669
3Cheng Chen Yu- Alexander16301463TPE1379
4Mohd Nazroel Mohd Nazri Aiman5726182MAS1351
5Cheng Chen Li- Andrew16301471TPE1328
6Rudra Prasadh25944690IND1201
7Tharsika Prushotman-G5740045MAS1036
8Macalalad Janel Ayesha5227038PHI1014
9Abdul Aziz Muhd Hafiz35804572MAS0
10Mohd Shahrul Munir5772770MAS0
11Muhammad Zikril Ilmi B Mohd ZailMAS0
12N Mathy Yalaga Sangirthanaa5740851MAS0
13Nabila Aulia Putri7124520INA0