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European University Chess Championship 2019 Men

Last update 28.07.2019 12:15:10, Creator/Last Upload: Tamas Gyomber

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Team-Starting rank

1Ural State Mining University2636
2Lviv State University of Physical Cultur2510
3Armenian State University of Economics2500
4Eotvos Lorand University 12493
5The Open University of Israel2417
6AGH University of Science and Technology2369
7National Technical University of Athens2255
8University of Warwick2221
9Eotvos Lorand University 22211
10Szechenyi Istvan University2209
11University of Nice Sophia Antipolis2189
12AGH University of Science and Technology2183
13University of Porto2160
14Ozyegin University2086
15University of Bielefeld2048
16University College London 12039
17London School of Economics and Political1976
18University College London 21870
19Edhec Business School of Nice1508
20Eszterhazy Karoly University1412
21Norwegian School of Economics1000