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3rd Watford Junior (U-12) Rapidplay

Last update 31.07.2019 13:40:10, Creator/Last Upload: Watford Chess

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Starting rank

1Hobson KennethENG132Oxfordshire Juniors
2Nagda MaanavENG119Watford Chess Club
3Dasgupta AvyuktENG95Watford Chess Club
4Shaporenkov RobertENG90St Albans Early Knights
5Hurrell TheoENG88Watford Chess Club
6Negargar JayENG85Basingstoke Chess Club
7George SebENG71Watford Chess Club
8Bhardwaj AkshanshENG68Maidenhead Chess Club
9Antonopoulos ChrisENG64Barnet Knights
10Kenrick Emir JackENG59Warden Hill Junior School, Luton
11Ghafoor ZishaanENG58Watford Chess Club
12Sameer ZayanENG52Bloxwich Juniors
13Arya AaradhitaENG32North London Collegiate School
14Pandey ArkanshENG28Watford Chess Club
15O'Donnell ElliotENG23St Michaels School, N6
16Quader RafaelENG19Bury Knights
17Namala VikyathENG16Applecroft School, Welwyn GC
18O'Donnell ArthurENG11St Michaels School, N6
19Bharadwaj SaiENG0Watford Chess Club
20Pandey DrishaanENG0Watford Chess Club
21Quader RaifahENG0Bury Knights
22Welsh AvinENG0Templewood School, Welwyn GC
23Welsh SenuliENG0Templewood School, Welwyn GC