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26th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival - Masters

Last update 10.08.2019 12:50:17, Creator/Last Upload: Khoori3

Player overview for SRB

11GMIndjic Aleksandar2617SRB11101011½6,55Masters

Results of the last round for SRB

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMIndjic Aleksandar26176 ½ - ½6 GMSocko Bartosz2625

Player details for SRB

GM Indjic Aleksandar 2617 SRB Rp:2705 Pts. 6,5
186WIMNandhidhaa P V2332IND4,5w 1
250GMVenkatesh M.R.2480IND4,5s 1
330GMYuffa Daniil2571RUS5,5w 1
426GMJobava Baadur2584GEO8s 0
531GMPaichadze Luka2570GEO5,5w 1
628GMYakubboev Nodirbek2574UZB7s 0
742GMBajarani Ulvi2515AZE5w 1
818GMAntipov Mikhail Al.2599RUS5,5s 1
910GMSocko Bartosz2625POL6,5w ½