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2nd Crewe Rapidplay: Major U165

Last update 19.05.2019 20:03:46, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk. NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd TB1 
Davies Sam161ENG 3b1 7w½ 13b1 9w1 5b1 4w1 2b05,5
Cukovs Oleg163ENG 8w½ 16b1 11w½ 15b½ 13w1 9b½ 1w15
Szwajkun Richard143ENG 1w0 21b1 18w1 17b1 15w1 6b½ 7w½5
Barnaby Nicholas159ENG 24w1 15b0 10w1 23b1 6w½ 1b0 13w14,5
Patrick David A153ENG 23w1 10b1 15w½ 6b½ 1w0 11b1 9w½4,5
Winter Kevin144ENG 9b½ 20w1 7b1 5w½ 4b½ 3w½ 10b½4,5
Hankey Chris143ENG 17w1 1b½ 6w0 8b1 11w½ 18b1 3b½4,5
Lovatt Peter143ENG 2b½ 14w1 9b0 7w0 19w1 12b1 15w14,5
Hirst Joe135ENG 6w½ 19b1 8w1 1b0 23w1 2w½ 5b½4,5
Laurence Geoff139ENG 12w1 5w0 4b0 20b1 17w1 15b½ 6w½4
Pal Rohan128ENG 14b½ 22w1 2b½ 13w½ 7b½ 5w0 18w14
Coffey Michael156ENG 10b0 23w0 25b1 14w1 21b½ 8w0 22b13,5
Clegg Robert145ENG 21w1 18b1 1w0 11b½ 2b0 22w1 4b03,5
Colville Phil143ENG 11w½ 8b0 20w1 12b0 18w0 19b1 21w13,5
Connor Michael143ENG 25b1 4w1 5b½ 2w½ 3b0 10w½ 8b03,5
Lloyd Stephen141ENG 2w0 22b½ 19b0 25w1 23b1 17w½3,5
Turner Sam105ENG 7b0 -1 24w1 3w0 10b0 21w1 16b½3,5
Barooah Michael100ENG -1 13w0 3b0 22w1 14b1 7w0 11b03
Renegade Rick146ENG 20b½ 9w0 23b0 16w1 8b0 14w0 25b12,5
Brown Geoff138ENG 19w½ 6b0 14b0 10w0 22b0 25w1 23w12,5
Hulme David137ENG 13b0 3w0 -1 24b+ 12w½ 17b0 14b02,5
London Nick151ENG 11b0 16w½ 18b0 20w1 13b0 12w02
Tang Julian W139ENG 5b0 12b1 19w1 4w0 9b0 16w0 20b02
Fisher Michael J141ENG 4b0 25w1 17b0 21w- -0 -0 -01
Barnett Douglas J125ENG 15w0 24b0 12w0 -1 16b0 20b0 19w01

Tie Break1: points (game-points)