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Hendon FIDE Blitz - every month - all welcome

Last update 02.05.2019 22:57:13, Creator/Last Upload:

Final Ranking crosstable after 6 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd TB1 
1GMROWSON Jonathan2551SCO 14w1 12b1 6w1 16b1 2w1 8b16,0
2MALINOVSKII Ilia1980RUS 23w1 13b1 7w1 3b1 1b0 4w15,0
3RUBECK Jonathan1820ENG 28w1 4b1 20w1 2w0 10b1 9b½4,5
4ROCCO Federico2124ENG 27b1 3w0 5w1 17b1 16w1 2b04,0
IYENGAR Ilya2028ENG 10w1 4b0 21w1 14b½ 16w14,0
KALLITSIS Nikolaos1899GRE 19w1 17b1 1b0 18w1 8b0 14w14,0
GILMOUR Steven G1889ENG 24b1 18w1 2b0 10w0 25b1 19w14,0
PATTNI Kishan1741ENG 33b1 15b1 6w1 1w04,0
KAMATH Vikram1731ENG 34b1 16w0 21b½ 20w1 22b1 3w½4,0
PEPE Salvatore1662ENG 31w1 5b0 28w1 7b1 3w0 17b14,0
ITZCOVICH Giulio0ITA 21b0 24w1 22b0 32w1 18b1 20w14,0
12AMIOR David1817ENG 29b1 1w0 14b0 26w½ 21b1 24w13,5
AIMSANITT Ethan1771ENG 33b1 2w0 23b1 14w0 24b½ 22w13,5
MOHNBLATT Nicolas1640FRA 1b0 27w1 12w1 13b1 5w½ 6b03,5
15POLLACK Oscar1938ENG 32b1 21w1 16b0 8w0 19b0 28w13,0
GREEN Michael1885ENG 25w1 9b1 15w1 1w0 4b0 5b03,0
FINNEGAN Oliver1742ENG 26b1 6w0 31b1 4w0 28b1 10w03,0
ROCCO Lorenzo1698ENG 30w1 7b0 25w1 6b0 11w0 29b13,0
WCMSHEIKH Anum1479ENG 6b0 34w1 26b1 22w0 15w1 7b03,0
20MARAIYESA Wole1823ENG 22w1 3b0 9b0 26w1 11b02,5
SHEIKH Nasarullah1734ENG 11w1 15b0 9w½ 5b0 12w0 31b12,5
LIMONOV Petr1693ENG 20b0 11w1 19b1 9w0 13b02,5
MILLAN SOTO Jose1615ESP 2b0 29w1 13w0 28b0 33b1 25w½2,5
VAIDYA Raghav1442ENG 7w0 11b0 34w1 31b1 13w½ 12b02,5
JACOBS Stanley1409ENG 16b0 33w1 18b0 27w1 7w0 23b½2,5
26AINSCOW Faye1405ENG 17w0 30b1 19w0 12b½ 20b0 32w½2,0
LEWIS David1381ENG 4w0 14b0 30w1 25b0 29w0 34b12,0
BADACSONYI Frankie1376ENG 3b0 32w1 10b0 23w1 17w0 15b02,0
SZUDY Piotr1284POL 12w0 23b0 32b0 30w1 27b1 18w02,0
ROSEN-WEBB Jonathan0ENG 18b0 26w0 27b0 29b0 34w1 33w12,0
SZUDY Krzysztof0POL 10b0 -1 17w0 24w0 32b1 21w02,0
32NAPOLITANO Domenico1507ENG 15w0 28b0 29w1 11b0 31w0 26b½1,5
33ROWSON Kailash0ENG 13w0 25b0 8w0 34b1 23w0 30b01,0
34KUSUMAKAR Ruari0ENG 9w0 19b0 24b0 33w0 30b0 27w00,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)

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