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2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival - Masters

Last update 03.02.2011 18:01:41, Creator/Last Upload: Stephen Boyd ffe

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Ranking crosstable after Round 10

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.RdPts. TB1 
1GMIvanchuk Vassily2764UKR130b1 11w1 69b½ 15w1180b1 2w1 24b½ 4w1 5b1 19w192968
2GMShort Nigel D2658ENG 61w1 90b1 49w1 38b1 21w1 1b0 19w½ 7b1 24w1 22b18,52883
3GMKulaots Kaido2577EST 82w1 67b1 19w½ 9b½ 5w½ 50b1 20b½ 10w½ 68b1 28w17,52750
4GMRoiz Michael2649ISR 57w1 32b1 65w½ 41b½ 51w1 16b½ 21w1 1b0 36w1 24b17,52743
5GMCaruana Fabiano2721ITA 68b1 39w0116b1 43w1 3b½ 11w1 18b½ 65w1 1w0 45b172681
6GMDzagnidze Nana2550GEO 77w1 20w½ 80b1 19b0 82w1 8w1 7b0 61b½ 57w1 40b172672
7GMGopal Geetha Narayanan2597IND103b1 27w1 38b0 54w1 44b1 21b½ 6w1 2w0 66b1 13w½72651
8GMVallejo Pons Francisco2698ESP 13w1 84b1 23w½ 65b0 41w1 6b0 74w1 34b½ 43w1 39b172648
9GMHarikrishna Pentala2667IND129b½ 33w1105b1 3w½ 11b½ 48w½ 31b1 27w1 13b½ 15w½72647
10GMGeorgiev Kiril2669BUL 34w1 44b0 67w1130b1 45w½ 30b½ 78w1 3b½ 21w½ 38b172641
11GMLafuente Pablo2561ARG 89w1 1b0125w1 57b1 9w½ 5b0 75w1 33b1 12w½ 58b172637
12GMNisipeanu Liviu-Dieter2678ROU 43b1105w½ 71b0 58w1 80b1 53w1 38b½ 66w½ 11b½ 46w172629
13IMMelia Salome2449GEO 8b0138w1 60b1 26w½135b1180w+ 14w1 19b½ 9w½ 7b½72610
14GMKacheishvili Giorgi2585GEO 99w½102b1103w1 31b1 38w½ 13b0 73b1 30w½ 53w172608
15GMErdos Viktor2593HUN 56w1 73b1 95w½ 1b0132w½131b1 63w1 98b1 22w½ 9b½72607
16GMIkonnikov Vyacheslav2580RUS108b½ 75w1129b½ 99w1 71b1 4w½ 98b½ 20w½ 38b½ 52w172598
17GMIordachescu Viorel2634MDA 80b½129w0150b1 81w1 76b½103w1 47b1 68w½ 46b½ 44w172538
GMFier Alexandr2571BRA 95w0107b½144w1109b1 75w1 33b1 5w½ 22b0101w1 50b172538
19GMFridman Daniel2655GER 79b1 48w1 3b½ 6w1 65b1 20w½ 2b½ 13w½ 40w½ 1b06,52695
20GMAdams Michael2723ENG101w1 6b½ 30w1 23b½ 49w1 19b½ 3w½ 16b½ 45w½ 21b½6,52665
21IMKosintseva Nadezhda2552RUS117w1110b1 42w1 44b1 2b0 7w½ 4b0130w1 10b½ 20w½6,52654
22GMBologan Viktor2693MDA 50b1 38w0 96b1 39w½ 79b1 65w½ 32b1 18w1 15b½ 2w06,52623
23GMBuhmann Rainer2572GER111b1181w1 8b½ 20w½ 40w½ 73b½ 55w½101b½ 61w1 27b½6,52598
24GMMikhalevski Victor2579ISR 75b½108w½181b1 59w1133b1 25b1 1w½ 26w1 2b0 4w06,52595
25GMAkobian Varuzhan2618USA 76b1 47w1 39b½ 71w½ 46b1 24w0 43b0103w1 31b½ 68w16,52583
26GMOnischuk Alexander2689USA 63w1 65b0 89w1 13b½129w1 66b½ 41w1 24b0 34w½ 73b16,52575
27IMBellaiche Anthony2458FRA116w1 7b0159w½201b1138w1 29w1 28b½ 9b0 49w1 23w½6,52568
28GMEdouard Romain2634FRA 55w1 41b0117w½156b1 74w1 52b1 27w½ 43b½ 51w1 3b06,52550
29GMBerg Emanuel2627SWE 74w1 78b1 44w0129b½ 56w1 27b0132w½131b1 41w1 30b½6,52548
30IMHarika Dronavalli2520IND 91b½222w1 20b0139w1100b1 10w½ 67b½ 54w1 14b½ 29w½6,52537
31IMZatonskih Anna2493USA159w1 42b0 62w1131b1 14w0 85b1 9w0 64b1 25w½ 89b16,52530
32GMGallagher Joseph G2501SUI 37b1 4w0 81b½157w1 87b1 22w0 95b½ 77w1 76w16,52482
33IMVaibhav Suri2421IND 9b0202w1140b1134w1 18w0133b1 11w0 85b1 66w16,52472
34GMZhukova Natalia2441UKR 10b0122w1 87b½ 97w½ 92b1157w½ 81b1 8w½ 26b½ 70w16,52447
35GMJones Gawain C B2593ENG 99b½ 80w0141b1 91w½ 60b1 59w1 68b0 96w1 47b½ 79w16,52440
36GMLe Roux Jean-Pierre2551FRA181b0223w1 72b0119w1222b1102w1 54b½ 76w1 4b0 81w16,52425
37Henriksson Johan2243SWE 32w0145b1 78w0178b1170w½160b½141w1105b1 71w16,52335
38GMSengupta Deep2530IND 86w1 22b1 7w1 2w0 69b1 14b½ 12w½ 40b½ 16w½ 10w062673
39GMKorchnoi Viktor2544SUI125w1 5b1 25w½ 22b½ 42w½ 40b½ 73w½ 57b½ 55w1 8w062632
40GMSasikiran Krishnan2690IND 72w1 66b1 69w½ 23b½ 39w½ 48b1 38w½ 19b½ 6w062607
41GMZhu Chen2495QAT109b1 28w1180b½ 4w½ 8b0 72w1 26b0 86w1 29b0102w162572
42GMSandipan Chanda2641IND 54b1 31w1 21b0 68w1 39b½ 47w½ 71b½ 50w½ 53b0108w162542
43IMFernandez Romero Ernesto2453ESP 12w0137b1104w1 5b0113w1 88b1 25w1 28w½ 8b0 60w½62505
44GMCmilyte Viktorija2526LTU 81b1 10w1 29b1 21w0 7w0 77b0113w1132b1 98w1 17b062504
45GMLemos Damian2553ARG 67b0 70w1 77b1 72w1 10b½ 98w0 56b1 71w1 20b½ 5w062493
46GMKanep Meelis2531EST156w½ 64b1106w½ 55b1 25w0132b½ 82w1136b1 17w½ 12b062486
47GMSoffer Ram2489ISR107w1 25b0 88w1 56b½104w1 42b½ 17w0110b1 35w½ 62b½62470
48GMEl Debs Felipe De Cresce2499BRA 88w1 19b0110w1 74b½ 70w1 9b½ 40w0 58b0159w1 95b162465
49GMKosintseva Tatiana2570RUS102b1 87w1 2b0108w1 20b0 67w0109b1 59w1 27b0 96w162463
50IMVernay Clovis2446FRA 22w0134b½171w1113b1187w1 3w0100b1 42b½ 84w1 18w062442
51GMRobson Ray2532USA 72b0157w1 86b1 85w1 4b0181w1 76b½ 67w1 28b0 54w½62441
52IMDas Arghyadip2479IND223w1180w0109b½137b1118w1 28w0 99b½112b1 69w1 16b062440
53GMCabrera Alexis2518ESP110w0104b½158w1107b1 95w1 12b0111w1 55b½ 42w1 14b062438
54FMAndersen Mads2410DEN 42w0140b1167w1 7b0112w1114b1 36w½ 30b0136w1 51b½62415
55IMWohl Aleksandar H2409AUS 28b0124w1142b1 46w0 83b1115w1 23b½ 53w½ 39b0 97w162407
56FMJones Richard S2361WLS 15b0216w1135b1 47w½ 29b0124w1 45w0 97b½118w1117b162396
57IMBoskovic Drasko2412SRB 4b0 92w1182b1 11w0216b1133w½ 97b1 39w½ 6b0 98w162388
Tate Alan2292SCO 84w0191b½152w1 12b0213w1182b½144w1 48w1 65b1 11w062388
59FMIllner Achim Dr2345GER162w1 69w0126b1 24b0144w1 35b0119w1 49b0113w1110b162375
60Zygouris Hristos2215GRE 78w0128b1 13w0 93b1 35w0172b1 90w½158b1111w1 43b½62355
61IMSlavin Alexei2417RUS 2b0119w1133b0142w1161b1 97w½135b1 6w½ 23b0121w162351
62Daurelle Herve2243FRA105b0203w1 31b0126w1153b1 71w0170b1 79w½130b1 47w½62350
63IMGaponenko Inna2466UKR 26b0 97w½115b1 98w½201b1121w1 15b0 70w0143b1107w162334
64Montero Melendez Rafael2265ESP 66b½ 46w0187b0219w1179b1160w½126b1 31w0114b1 99w162270
65GMRapport Richard2531HUN 85b1 26w1 4b½ 8w1 19w0 22b½ 77w1 5b0 58w0 82b½5,52566
66GMSpeelman Jon S2524ENG 64w½156b1 40w0159b1111w1 26w½ 96b1 12b½ 7w0 33b05,52488
67FMForsaa Espen2306NOR 45w1 3w0 10b0184b1145w1 49b1 30w½ 51b0106w½ 84b½5,52485
68IMNezad Husein Aziz2420QAT 5w0175b1134w1 42b0140w1137b1 35w1 17b½ 3w0 25b05,52480
69GMFelgaer Ruben2585ARG132w1 59b1 1w½ 40b½ 38w0 96w0 88b1 99w1 52b0 75w½5,52478
70Valgmae Toomas2190EST106w½ 45b0128w1105w1 48b0129w1 79b½ 63b1 78w½ 34b05,52461
71IMKrush Irina2483USA139b½ 91w1 12w1 25b½ 16w0 62b1 42w½ 45b0104w1 37b05,52457
72WGMCalzetta Ruiz Monica2284ESP 51w1 40b0 36w1 45b0164w1 41b0114w1 78b½ 73w0136b15,52423
73IMBattaglini Gabriel2437FRA100b1 15w0 97b½ 92w1160b1 23w½ 39b½ 14w0 72b1 26w05,52415
74IMThomassen Joachim2404NOR 29b0143w1 83b1 48w½ 28b0122w1 8b0157w1 81b0133w15,52380
75FMGetz Nicolai2334NOR 24w½ 16b0165w1114b1 18b0123w1 11b0122w½112w1 69b½5,52379
76IMKarim Ismael2375MAR 25w0112b1114w½136b1 17w½158b1 51w½ 36b0135w1 32b05,52368
77Nuri Kambez2300SUI 6b0 94w1 45w0163b1186w1 44w1 65b0105w½ 32b0143w15,52366
78GMAl-Sayed Mohammed2490QAT 60b1 29w0 37b1100w½ 97b½ 91w1 10b0 72w½ 70b½ 86w½5,52357
79FMStokke Kjetil2413NOR 19w0113b1120w½112b1 22w0104b1 70w½ 62b½138w1 35b05,52351
80GMBellon Lopez Juan Manuel2404ESP 17w½ 35b1 6w0120b1 12w0118b1136w0104b0169w1138b15,52345
81Sipila Vilka2269FIN 44w0202b1 32w½ 17b0162w1147b1 34w0142b1 74w1 36b05,52338
82IMKolbus Dietmar2332GER 3b0126w½194b1216w1 6b0143w1 46b0133w1121b½ 65w½5,52326
83Navarrete Espi Samuel2095ESP197w1132b½ 74w0 89b½ 55w0155b1117w1 90b½ 95w½105b½5,52325
84GMStefanova Antoaneta2546BUL 58b1 8w0 85b0124w1157b0165b1137w1102w1 50b0 67w½5,52320
85FMGarcia Jimenez Francisco Javie2274ESP 65w0158b1 84w1 51b0183w1 31w0141b½182b1 33w0149w15,52304
86Malmdin Nils-Ake2272SWE 38b0194w1 51w0162b1147w½187b1106w½ 41b0120w1 78b½5,52286
CMUrbina Perez Juan Antonio2189ESP179w1 49b0 34w½199b1 32w0106b0128w1129b½131w½148b15,52286
88Meskovs Nikita2243LAT 48b0189w1 47b0146w1151b1 43w0 69w0186b1 90w½135b15,52281
89FMBergstrom Rolf2307SWE 11b0115w1 26b0 83w½185b1135w0150b1124w1139b1 31w05,52277
90GMCramling Pia2516SWE121b1 2w0100b0123w½146b1109w½ 60b½ 83w½ 88b½134w15,52267
91FMSanchez Louis2262FRA 30w½ 71b0145w1 35b½224w1 78b0158w½135b0166w1141b15,52264
92Daumen Michael2130GER174w1 57b0147w1 73b0 34w0186b½164w1111b0192w1132b15,52190
93Valhondo Morales Ruben1948ESP133b0226w1138b½ 60w0107w0167b½224w1144b½191w1156b+5,52079
94WFMWilson Alexandra2037SUI205w1 77b0132w0183b0197w1173b½104w0147b1137w1139w15,52054
95FMWeber Tom2310LUX 18b1228w1 15b½180w0 53b0149w1105b½ 32w½ 83b½ 48w052427
96FMZaremba Andrie2339USA230b0141w1 22w0167b1165w1 69b1 66w0 35b0119w1 49b052388
97Tscharotschkin Michael2181GER178w1 63b½ 73w½ 34b½ 78w½ 61b½ 57w0 56w½103b1 55b052379
98Szuper Paul2174USA201w0197b1198w1 63b½106w1 45b1 16w½ 15w0 44b0 57b052362
99IMKaravade Eesha2353IND 35w½ 14b½184w1 16b0136w½138b1 52w½ 69b0175w1 64b052356
100Oberhofer Andre2270GER 73w0171b1 90w1 78b½ 30w0128b1 50w0161b½167w1106b52340
101IMMonroy Charles2421FRA 20b0133w½146b½182w½194b1139w1157b1 23w½ 18b0 -052330
102IMEstrada Nieto Julian2309MEX 49w0136b1 14w0191b1166w1 36b0120w1 84b0161w1 41b052319
103IMCummings David H2366CAN 7w0123b1191w1 14b0120w1 17b0140w1 25b0 97w0165b152311
104FMDougherty Michael2183CAN153b1 53w½ 43b0170w1 47b0 79w0 94b1 80w1 71b0116w½52304
105GMHoffmann Michael2506GER 62w1 12b½ 9w0 70b0184w1159b1 95w½ 77b½ 37w0 83w½52300
106WGMPogonina Natalija2472RUS 70b½139w1 46b½133w½ 98b0 87w1 86b½121w½ 67b½100w52295
FMVogel Jaap2207NED 47b0 18w½212b1 53w0 93b1130w0202b½171w1129w1 63b052295
108FMKantans Toms2342LAT 16w½ 24b½185w1 49b0114w0166b½187w1118b½140w1 42b052284
109FMAndreasen Per2239DEN 41w0163b1 52w½ 18w0178b1 90b½ 49w0192b½187w1115w½52263
110FMAvalos Parra Joao2252CHI 53b1 21w0 48b0135w0189b1153w1115b1 47w0145b1 59w052244
111FMDittmar Peter2328GER 23w0167b½166w1224b1 66b0142w1 53b0 92w1 60b0123w½52226
112Tozer Philip A A2140ENG207b1 76w0196b1 79w0 54b0151w1116b1 52w0 75b0178w152205
113Daoudi Kamal2155MAR229b1 79w0154b1 50w0 43b0176w1 44b0146w1 59b0171w152204
114Sreeves Clement2093SCO214b½170w1 76b½ 75w0108b1 54w0 72b0127w1 64w0159b152202
115Scholzen Wolfgang2057GER147w1 89b0 63w0197b1117w1 55b0110w0137b½182w1109b½52198
116Tabatt Hendrik2342GER 27b0150w1 5w0175b1158w0145b1112w0166b½152w1104b½52187
Wahlbom Magnus2305SWE 21b0146w1 28b½187w½115b0163w1 83b0160w1122b1 56w052187
118Arnott Jonathan W2176ENG190b½164w1130b0227w1 52b0 80w0185b1108w½ 56b0158w152159
119CMOsuna Vega Enrique2140ESP192w1 61b0199w½ 36b0188w1 59b0195w1 96b0163w152149
120Lipecki Alexander2126SUI164b½190w1 79b½ 80w0103b0154w1102b0178w1 86b0174w152148
121Chapman Terry P D2250ENG 90w0184b½163w½179b1168w1 63b0193w1106b½ 82w½ 61b052136
122Groffen Hans2169NED198w1 34b0174w½215b1137w0 74b0190w1 75b½117w0172b152131
123Vinas Guerrero Carlos A2121ESP151b1103w0 90b½130w½ 75b0148w½168b½197w1111b½52088
124FMHvenekilde Jorgen2121DEN193w1 55b0215w½ 84b0199w1 56b0183w1 89b0164w½169b152085
125Stebbings Anthony J2285ENG 39b0165w1 11b0149w1136b0166w½145b0168w1162b152063
126Fairbairn Stephen2058CAN148w1 82b½ 59w0 62b0173w½224b1 64w0159b0186w1175b+52053
127Ungureanu Sandu2000ROU163w0155b½210w1134b0202w½144b0172w1114b0196w1167b152018
128Marder Simon1990SWE232b1 60w0 70b0218w1100w0 87b0205b½201w+157w152010
129IMSarkar Justin2418USA 9w½ 17b1 16w½ 29w½ 26b0 70b0184w1 87w½107b0144b½4,52356
130IMMullon Jean-Baptiste2420FRA 1w0201b1118w1 10w0123b½107b1156w1 21b0 62w0 -04,52353
131IMBellin Robert2367ENG180b0161w1149b1 31w0141b1 15w0134b1 29w0 87b½ -04,52326
132IMPeek Marcel2342NED 69b0 83w½ 94b1161w1 15b½ 46w½ 29b½ 44w0134b½ 92w04,52305
133Vaarala Eric2152SWE 93w1101b½ 61w1106b½ 24w0 57b½ 33w0 82b0190w1 74b04,52302
134Seyfried Claus2173GER219b1 50w½ 68b0127w1 33b0131w0193b1132w½ 90b04,52223
135WFMItkis Hana2084USA188w½210b1 56w0110b1 13w0 89b1 61w0 91w1 76b0 88w04,52205
136Wheldon Philip2106ENG221b1102w0218b1 76w0 99b½125w1 80b1 46w0 54b0 72w04,52195
137FMLacrosse Marc2181BEL195b1 43w0153b1 52w0122b1 68w0 84b0115w½ 94b0190b14,52177
138Lochte Thomas2173GER186w1 13b0 93w½188b1 27b0 99w0176b1181w1 79b0 80w04,52169
139Jaunooby Ali R2207ENG 71w½106b0172w1 30b0174w1101b0162w1173b1 89w0 94b04,52150
140Kandic Milan2143SRB160b1 54w0189b1 33w0 68b0195w1103b0163w1108b0145w½4,52144
141Montabord Manuel2063FRA220w1 96b0 35w0155b1131w0169b1 85w½ 37b0173w1 91w04,52102
142Tari Aryan2097NOR210w½188b1 55w0 61b0215w1111b0177w1 81w0185b1 -04,52094
143WIMSteil-Antoni Fiona2118LUX199w1 74b0224w0198b½148w1 82b0147w1156b1 63w0 77b04,52089
144Suez-Panama Gilles2096FRA189b0177w1 18b0192w1 59b0127w1 58b0 93w½160b½129w½4,52088
145Spanton Tim R2007ENG211b1 37w0 91b0200w1 67b0116w0206b1125w1110w0140b½4,52070
146Compton Alistair2046NZL215w1117b0101w½ 88b0 90w0174b½155w1113b0151w½197b14,52069
147Hegvik Leif Trygve1814NOR115b0219w1 92b0203w1 86b½ 81w0143b0 94w0198b1187b14,52048
148Lee Kai Jie Edward1833SGP126b0195w0229b1194w½143b0212w1123b½149w½150b1 87w04,52029
149Bous Florian2088GER196b½225w1131w0125b0217w1 95b0159w½148b½183w1 85b04,52009
150Freuler Roman2092SUI169w1116b0 17w0164b0210w1183b½ 89w0188b1148w0192b14,52006

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