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2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival - Masters

Last update 03.02.2011 18:01:41, Creator/Last Upload: Stephen Boyd ffe

Player overview for ita

3GMCaruana Fabiano2721ITA1011½1½10175
186De Lillo Michele1964ITA010½0001013,5198

Results of the last round for ita

Rd.Bo.No.NamePts. ResultPts. NameNo.
913GMCaruana Fabiano6 0 - 17 GMIvanchuk Vassily1
9101186De Lillo Michele 0 - 1 Hegvik Leif Trygve214

Player details for ita

GM Caruana Fabiano 2721 ITA Rp:2681 Pts. 7
168IMNezad Husein Aziz2420QAT5,5s 1
238GMKorchnoi Viktor2544SUI6w 0
385Tabatt Hendrik2342GER5s 1
460IMFernandez Romero Ernesto2453ESP6w 1
528GMKulaots Kaido2577EST7,5s ½
632GMLafuente Pablo2561ARG7w 1
730GMFier Alexandr2571BRA7s ½
841GMRapport Richard2531HUN5,5w 1
91GMIvanchuk Vassily2764UKR9w 0
1033GMLemos Damian2553ARG6s 1
De Lillo Michele 1964 ITA Rp:1826 Pts. 3,5
1131Groffen Hans2169NED5s 0
2215Bishop Peter1784LUX3w 1
3128Szuper Paul2174USA5s 0
4143WIMSteil-Antoni Fiona2118LUX4,5w ½
5114Spence David J2231ENG4w 0
6229Fogg Martin1890ENG4s 0
7219Forsa Elise1726NOR3w 0
8217Rough Robert E1742SCO2s 1
9214Hegvik Leif Trygve1814NOR4,5w 0
10220Neumanova Monika1712CZE2,5s 1