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FIDE BLITZ CASSOVIA OPEN 2019 Pohár primátora mesta Košice

Posledná aktualizácia 08.05.2019 17:19:31, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Konečná tabuľka po 9 kolách

Por.TMenoEloFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdBody TB1  TB2  TB3 
1IMGazik Viktor2481SVK 43w1 26b1 10w1 2b1 3w½ 5b1 6w1 4b1 8w18,50,0850,0
2Fiacan Robert2102SVK 29b1 21w1 6b1 1w0 18b+ 14w1 3b½ 5w1 9b17,50,0751,5
3Csala Jan2123SVK 27w1 31b1 14w1 17b1 1b½ 8w½ 2w½ 9b½ 10w17,00,0550,0
4IMNayhebaver Martin2317SVK 22w1 32b1 19w½ 9b0 26w1 18b1 8w1 1w0 17b16,50,0647,5
5Tropp Lukas2092SVK 20w0 11b1 22w1 31b1 15w1 1w0 14b1 2b0 16w16,00,0649,5
6Nandrazi Dominik1924SVK 44w1 12b1 2w0 11b½ 10w1 15b1 1b0 7w½ 20b16,00,0550,0
7Kall Dusan1811SVK 46b1 17w0 13b1 8w0 20b½ 24w1 32b1 6b½ 14w16,00,0541,0
8Ondo Tomas1958SVK 41w1 9b0 27w1 7b1 17w1 3b½ 4b0 12w1 1b05,50,0551,0
9FMZambor Norbert2335SVK 16b1 8w1 17b0 4w1 14b0 26w1 11b1 3w½ 2w05,50,0550,5
10Balazs Attila2071SVK 34b1 37w1 1b0 21w½ 6b0 27b1 31w1 11w1 3b05,50,0546,5
11Bidulsky Matej1496SVK 23b1 5w0 37b1 6w½ 19w1 12b1 9w0 10b0 24b15,50,0545,5
12Ondo Radoslav2146SVK 24b1 6w0 18b½ 37w1 21b1 11w0 13b1 8b0 25w15,50,0544,5
13Popovic Martin1698SVK 19w0 42b1 7w0 36b1 22w½ 43b1 12w0 37b1 23b15,50,0537,5
14Endresz Pavol1969SVK 39w1 20b1 3b0 23w1 9w1 2b0 5w0 18b1 7b05,00,0549,5
15Bekiaris Kosmas1966SVK 38b1 18w0 28b1 24w1 5b0 6w0 20b0 33w1 34b15,00,0543,0
16Cehelsky Cyril *1800SVK 9w0 41b1 26w0 30b0 40w1 45b1 19w1 31b1 5b05,00,0536,5
17Hurtuk Radovan2058SVK 25w1 7b1 9w1 3w0 8b0 31b½ 18w½ 27b1 4w05,00,0448,5
18Varga Lukas1504SVK 36w1 15b1 12w½ 19b1 2w- 4w0 17b½ 14w0 27b15,00,0446,0
19Goban Marek2043SVK 13b1 28w1 4b½ 18w0 11b0 20w½ 16b0 38w1 26w15,00,0445,0
20Kardis Benjamin1739SVK 5b1 14w0 21b0 35w1 7w½ 19b½ 15w1 26b1 6w05,00,0445,0
21Chilla Radoslav1886SVK 30w1 2b0 20w1 10b½ 12w0 25b0 22w0 43b1 35w14,50,0442,0
22Verba Vladimir1795SVK 4b0 33w1 5b0 39w1 13b½ 32w0 21b1 23w0 36b14,50,0441,5
23Hudak Vasil *1853SVK 11w0 39b1 25w1 14b0 27w0 29b1 35w½ 22b1 13w04,50,0439,5
24Antal Jakub1783SVK 12w0 44b1 32w1 15b0 25w½ 7b0 43w1 35b1 11w04,50,0438,5
25WCMNadzamova Viktoria1705SVK 17b0 46w1 23b0 28w1 24b½ 21w1 26b0 32w1 12b04,50,0437,5
26Riabov Alexander1944SVK 35b1 1w0 16b1 29w1 4b0 9b0 25w1 20w0 19b04,00,0447,5
27Sutak Andrej *1781SVK 3b0 40w1 8b0 38w1 23b1 10w0 37b1 17w0 18w04,00,0442,0
28Zelnicky Marek1809SVK 42w1 19b0 15w0 25b0 33w1 30b1 -0 -0 41w14,00,0438,0
29Matusak Tomas1745SVK 2w0 30b1 36w1 26b0 31w0 23w0 33b0 45b1 37w14,00,0436,0
30Balazs Gabriel *1525SVK 21b0 29w0 46b1 16w1 32b0 28w0 34b0 40w1 38b14,00,0433,0
31Dudasko Mario1826SVK 40b1 3w0 34b1 5w0 29b1 17w½ 10b0 16w0 32b½4,00,0343,5
32Polacko ml Frantisek1909SVK 33b1 4w0 24b0 34w½ 30w1 22b1 7w0 25b0 31w½4,00,0342,0
33Kucik Patrik1598SVK 32w0 22b0 42w½ 41b½ 28b0 39w1 29w1 15b0 43w14,00,0334,0
34Slacky Stefan *1713SVK 10w0 45b1 31w0 32b½ 43w0 36b½ 30w1 41b1 15w04,00,0333,5
35Hruska Karol *1642SVK 26w0 43b½ 41w½ 20b0 36w1 44b1 23b½ 24w0 21b03,51,0233,5
36Nemergut Michal1884SVK 18b0 38w1 29b0 13w0 35b0 34w½ 44w1 39b1 22w03,50,0335,0
37Sabol Peter *1821SVK 45w1 10b0 11w0 12b0 41w1 38b1 27w0 13w0 29b03,00,0338,0
38Fecilak Michal *1682SVK 15w0 36b0 45w1 27b0 42w1 37w0 40b1 19b0 30w03,00,0332,5
39Zigo Pavol *1695SVK 14b0 23w0 43w1 22b0 45w0 33b0 42b1 36w0 44b13,00,0331,0
40Babjak Samuel1466SVK 31w0 27b0 44w1 43b0 16b0 42w1 38w0 30b0 46b13,00,0328,0
41Kankula Robert *1676SVK 8b0 16w0 35b½ 33w½ 37b0 46b1 45w1 34w0 28b03,00,0232,5
42Hudak Michal1045SVK 28b0 13w0 33b½ 44w½ 38b0 40b0 39w0 46w1 45b13,00,0228,0
43Polacko st Frantisek *1805SVK 1b0 35w½ 39b0 40w1 34b1 13w0 24b0 21w0 33b02,50,0240,5
44Vrastiak Peter1600SVK 6b0 24w0 40b0 42b½ 46w1 35w0 36b0 -1 39w02,50,0129,0
45Novotny Tomas1239SVK 37b0 34w0 38b0 46w1 39b1 16w0 41b0 29w0 42w02,00,0228,5
46Pristas Viliam1197SVK 7w0 25b0 30w0 45b0 44b0 41w0 -1 42b0 40w01,00,0028,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)

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