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2nd Watford Junior (U-12) Rapidplay

Last update 27.05.2019 22:27:41, Creator/Last Upload: watford chess

Starting rank

1Mehta Kaveer476439ENG104Watford Chess Club
2Ghosh Kabir A472743ENG101Richmond Juniors
3Maton Emily343120293ENG97St Albans Early Knights
4Ivan AustinENG91Merchant Taylors Prep School
5Ganyushin Lettie457469ENG87North London Collegiate School
6Luthia Indra471666ENG79Oxfordshire Juniors
7Shaporenkov RobertENG79St Albans Early Knights
8Dasgupta Avyukt480630ENG71Watford Chess Club
9Karanam Guha SaranENG56Colchester
10Vitvitska VaselynaENG55Hertfordshire Juniors
11Kenrick Emir JackENG6Warden Hill Junior School
12Chan DanielENG0Parmiters School
13Chockalingam RamcharanENG0Uxbridge Chess Club
14Tharkabhushanam Anirvin484334ENG0Watford Chess Club
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