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DCCA Walker Minor

Last update 07.09.2019 15:08:34, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Farrell Joseph BENG119
2Miles Barry S415880ENG119
3O'Sullivan TimENG119
4Waters Roger G412872ENG118
5Parfett Gerald F414794ENG117
6Taylor Geoffrey P411108ENG116
7Lippard BarryENG114
8Ainscow Faye428698ENG113
9Taplin William466042ENG113
10Namouk Omer AENG112
11Doust Antony431230ENG110
12Hunt Ray K439290ENG109
13Ainsley Geoff JENG107
14Allen Timothy S419699ENG107
15Davies Alan HENG106
16Stone Mark R416584ENG106
17Gordon Philip L437182ENG105
18Burt David427934ENG100
19Crickmore E Alan425338ENG100
20Phillips George WENG100
21Collis Paul S424013ENG99
22Broderick Paul G438758ENG97
23Brooke John468630ENG96
24Cawser Steven EENG95
25Tatam Anthony429473ENG92
26Carrick PeterWLS87
27Welch Hazel471208ENG82
28Robinson Nette441996ENG74
29Lee StuartENG72
30Green MalcolmENG71
31Gardner Douglas JENG21
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