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DCCA Morning Thynne

Last update 06.09.2019 14:15:06, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1Wilby Robert GENG132
2Wood Peter C404667ENG132
3Foster Paul447706ENG130
4Andrews Norman G469980ENG128
5Roberts Malcolm A404578ENG128
6Barber-Lafon JacquieENG125
7Doidge CharlesENG122
8Madden Jason D426741ENG121
9Kocan Barry AENG120
10Naldrett Geoff W434280ENG120
11Constable Christine F415847ENG119
12Miles Barry S415880ENG119
13Morris Nigel W451703ENG119
14Shaddick John432261ENG117
15Collins Alan470120ENG116
16Cuggy Mike JENG115
17Constable John415855ENG114
18Taplin William466042ENG113
19Dean John EENG109
20Hunt Ray K439290ENG109
21Jeremiah JohnENG109
22Mill-Wilson Graham A452262ENG108
23Allen Timothy S419699ENG107
24Peach Clifford BENG104
25Brooke John468630ENG96
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