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DCCA Ken Bloodworth Intermediate

Last update 07.09.2019 13:47:34, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

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Starting rank

1Page Martin C418382ENG145
2Hibbitt Arthur M409405ENG144
3Pollard Matthew B402923ENG142
4Chapman Philip M469599ENG140
5Doherty Paul D451126ENG139
6Foley Phil T415871ENG139
7Parry Jacques H425923ENG139
8Brockes Jeremy P458503ENG138
9Mahoney Nicholas414700ENG138
10Pride Stephen C419680ENG137
11WCMNorman Dinah M402621ENG134
12Wilby Robert GENG132
13Brenton RichardENG129
14Woods Timothy J413070ENG129
15Blencowe Ian P418510ENG128
16O'Brien Paul W469629ENG128
17Sandercock E Barry419788ENG127
18Greenaway Terence V438693ENG125
19Madden Jason D426741ENG121
20Naldrett Geoff W434280ENG120
21Gunn Michael J409030ENG119
22Morris Nigel W451703ENG119
23Evans Helen I470252ENG115
24Peach Clifford BENG104