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DCCA Ron Bruce Premier

Last update 07.09.2019 15:17:23, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Starting rank

1GMArkell Keith C400270ENG24454NCL Cheddleton
2CMVilliers Thomas427209ENG2218Barnet Elizabeth
3Crickmore Neil E G406856ENG2187
4Seymour Timothy P412112ENG21004NCL Surbiton
5CMWheeler John F408417ENG2072Cosham
6Brusey Alan W406880ENG2054Newton Abbot
7Peters Stephen G406040ENG2027Aylesbury
8FMWaddington Mike P410497ENG2023Dorchester
9Menadue Jeremy FS404349ENG2016Cornwall Cca
10CMRosen Daniel B405418ENG2012Ashtead
11Horton Justin412228ENG2003
12Dilleigh Stephen P408379ENG2000Horfield & Redland
13Brown Alan M409804ENG19914NCL MK Phoenix
14CMKirby Peter J409014GCI1988Horfield & Redland
15French Angus J410810ENG1984Streatham
16Pickersgill Adrian O404519ENG1948Eastbourne
17Hurst Eddie460664ENG1917Exeter University
18Spanton Tim R404802ENG1881Battersea
19Fleri Matthew5602165MLT1793Malta
20Fleri Luke5602173MLT1647Malta
21Robertson Jim2403471SCO1576Scotland
22Weinberger PeterENG105New England
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