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Stellenberg Youth Chess Championship 2019 Prestige Rapid Section

Last update 01.05.2019 19:45:47, Creator/Last Upload: South African Chess Fed. (Licence 82)

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Starting rank

1IMKobese Watu173015955RSA2370
2FMKlaasen Calvin187015737RSA2275
3James Michael190013568RSA2108
4FMGluckman Paul102010594RSA2098
5IMGluckman David166010591RSA2095
6FMBhawoodien Shabier163002189RSA2060
7CMBouah Lyndon173003226RSA2056
8Erlank Warrick182009037RSA2014
9PMLewis Mark162017968RSA1918
10Goredema Dione197010759RSA1869
11Salimu Reuben184032995RSA1827
12Meiboom Jnr Gerrit161022514RSA1819
13Southey Andrew147035755RSA1799
14CMSchnabel Johann103033379RSA1741
15CMDe Jager Andreas104006413RSA1736
16WIMBouah Denise280010013RSA1728w
17Olkers Lleyton104028947RSA1648
18Rhode Andre0RSA1630
19Schuller Ashley170033599RSA1624
20Willenberg Roland161042919RSA1612
21Louw Llewellyn184018612RSA1569
22Esau Omar164009064RSA1443
23Steenkamp Eugene177036042RSA1340