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English Seniors Chess Championships 2019 Over 65s

Last update 07.04.2019 16:35:26, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

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Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
14Bowmer KevinENG2072Loughton5,5053
21Shephard Chris CwENG2190Sheffield Nomads5043
33Surtees Mike JENG2087Great Lever4,5043
46CMAnderton David WENG2070Walsall Kipping4,5032
58Myall Ivan JENG2029Chelmsford4043
614Moore Geoffrey RENG1968Norwich Dons4043
717De Coverly Roger DENG1953Bourne End4033
89Wager John DENG2007Maidenhead4033
929Donaghay Richard HENG1803Ely3,5033
102Page Mark EENG2107Kenilworth3,5033
1112Tucker David SENG1980Dartford3,5023
1219Crombleholme Alan KENG1941Walsall Kipping3,5022
135Townsend Michael PENG2072Gloucester3,5022
1415Downham Alan FENG1967Belper3033
1513Willetts Graham JENG1969Wimborne3023
167Hutchinson Norman AENG2041Cambridge3023
1711Milnes Anthony CpENG1997Cavendish3023
1821Stimpson Philip MENG1933Guildford3023
1927Szymanski MarkENG1823Ely3023
2028Hughes PeterENG1820Calderdale3013
2116Feavyour John AENG1960Iceni / Saxmundham3013
2225Adaway WilliamENG1863Dorchester3012
2338Cresswell Mike JENG1695Barking3012
2422Calvert D IanENG1921Metropolitan3003
2510Tarbuck DavidENG20013002
2618Williams Stephen MENG1943Essex2,5023
2732Graham NeilENG1797Ashfield2,5014
2823Charnley Bernard JENG1873Coventry & Kenilworth2,5013
2926Slinger Aj (Tony)ENG1859Undercliffe2,5013
3024Hardy RogerENG1871Bristol Grendel2,5013
3136Price AndrewENG1767Leamington2,5012
3240Conway JohnENG1600Coventry2,5012
3339Taylor Robert PENG1659Ashfield2,5003
3420Mildenhall JohnENG1933Sutton Coldfield2013
3530Wiltshire Michael RENG1801Dartford2013
3637Jones Timothy MENG1765Bristol Cabot1,5013
3734Mcdonald IanENG1779Lincoln1,5003
3833Leeson Chris JpENG1787Weymouth1,5002
3935Hibbitt Arthur MENG1771Banbury1003
4031McGovern Derek PENG1800Transport For London0000

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: The greater number of victories (variable)
Tie Break3: Most black