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MP Reykjavik Open 2011

Last update 16.03.2011 19:43:23, Creator/Last Upload: Icelandic Chess Federation

Player overview for pol

11GMMiton Kamil26000POL111½1011½7426721010,00

Results of the last round for pol

Rd.Bo.No. NamePts. ResultPts. Name No.
GMHammer Jon Ludvig ½ - ½ GMMiton Kamil

Player details for pol

GM Miton Kamil 2600 POL Rp:2672 Pts. 7
194Sellitti Federico21420ITA5w 10,890,11101,10
254FMSigfusson Sigurdur23362355ISL5s 10,820,18101,80
338IMDearing Eddie24120SCO5w 10,740,26102,60
434IMZiska Helgi Dam24320FAI5,5s ½0,72-0,2210-2,20
562WGMSharevich Anna23230BLR5w 10,830,17101,70
66GMKuzubov Yuriy26270UKR7s 00,46-0,4610-4,60
728IMD'amore Carlo25050ITA5,5w 10,630,37103,70
81GMMcShane Luke J26830ENG6,5w 10,390,61106,10
97GMHammer Jon Ludvig26060NOR7s ½0,490,01100,10