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Campionatul RM 2019 la sah rapid, feminin

Last update 27.01.2019 12:57:50, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of moldova

Starting rank

1IMPetrenko Svetlana13900196MDA2104Chisinau
2Mocanu Paula13906186MDA1751Chisinau
3Mihailova Alina13907018MDA1673Comrat
4Verbin Valentina13905910MDA1609Chisinau
5Mocanu Valeria13905287MDA1558Chisinau
6Ojog Felicia13906666MDA1534Chisinau
7Rotaru Valentina13905546MDA1518Chisinau
8Pruteanu Alina13906003MDA1446Chisinau
9Petricenco Ana13908596MDA1306Chisinau
10Nicorici Nicoleta13906658MDA1214Chisinau
11Guzun Lavinia13909762MDA1130Chisinau
12Luca Iana13908804MDA1094Chisinau
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