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Penang Rapid Chess Tournament 2019 - Marcus Chess Academy

Last update 27.01.2019 11:04:47, Creator/Last Upload: PenangChessAssociation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 8 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMVillanueva Nelson2276PHI 28b1 24w1 6b½ 10w1 16b1 2w1 5b1 3w½7142,536,50
2FMLim Chuin Hoong Ronnie2320MAS 20w1 40b1 19w1 9b1 3w1 1b0 4w1 10b17041,534,50
3FMWong Yinn Long1953MAS 36b1 4w1 7b1 11w1 2b0 24w1 16b1 1b½6,5042,532,00
4Poh Yu Tian1318MAS 47w1 3b0 52w1 12b1 9w1 6w1 2b0 13w16037,525,50
5Tan Khai Boon2079MAS 29w0 43b1 23w1 37b1 34w1 11b1 1w0 9b16035,524,50
6AGMSingh Eshwant1714MAS 22w1 29b1 1w½ 13b½ 26w1 4b0 10b½ 17w15,504025,50
7Lee Care Greene1668MAS 30b1 27w1 3w0 21b½ 8w1 16w0 24b1 18w15,5037,524,25
8Lim Jing Hng1223MAS 41b1 18w0 17b½ 25w1 7b0 38w1 34b1 16w15,5032,519,25
9Lim Feng Wei Ferris1508MAS 32b1 17w1 18b1 2w0 4b0 26w1 14b1 5w0504122,00
10Kong Ren En1672MAS 38w½ 14b1 44w1 1b0 15w1 21b1 6w½ 2w0504021,75
11Koay Yu Zhe1465MAS 42b1 12w1 25b1 3b0 19w1 5w0 13b0 26w1503820,00
12Marudin Mohd Nizam0MAS -1 11b0 29w1 4w0 17b0 30w1 27b1 24w15035,520,50
13Loo Pin Xie1609MAS 43w1 52b1 16w½ 6w½ 24b0 19b1 11w1 4b05033,520,50
14Chua Kian Meng1695MAS 17b0 10w0 42b1 30w1 36w1 20b1 9w0 31b15033,518,50
15Chen Tzi Herng1373MAS 50b½ 49w1 38b0 17w1 10b0 35w½ 39b1 25w1502716,25
16Talib Zulkifli1782MAS 35b1 37w1 13b½ 38w1 1w0 7b1 3w0 8b04,5039,518,00
17Tan Rui Ze1089MAS 14w1 9b0 8w½ 15b0 12w1 40b1 21w1 6b04,5038,519,75
18Ilias Mohd Safri1777MAS 33w1 8b1 9w0 26b0 29w1 34b½ 22w1 7b04,503619,75
19Yew Chor Hian1746MAS 39b1 26w1 2b0 27w1 11b0 13w0 36b½ 28w14,5035,516,75
20Choo Ting Han1213MAS 2b0 32w1 49b1 34w0 39b1 14w0 35b½ 37w14,5031,514,25
21WCMSim Jia Ru1245MAS 49b0 30w1 35b1 7w½ 38b1 10w0 17b0 36w14,503116,75
22Koay Yu Hang1115MAS 6b0 46w1 24b0 41w1 28b½ 37w1 18b0 34w14,503113,00
23Wong Chin Yee1190MAS 25b0 42w1 5b0 46w1 40b½ 28w0 44b1 35w14,5029,513,00
24Yip Yong1443MAS 45w1 1b0 22w1 36b1 13w1 3b0 7w0 12b0404015,50
25Tan Wei Hong1887MAS 23w1 44b½ 11w0 8b0 32w1 27w1 28b½ 15b0403516,00
26Kong You Jing1256MAS 48w1 19b0 31w1 18w1 6b0 9b0 33w1 11b0403514,50
27Ng Shao Wen Joshua1236MAS 31w1 7b0 41w1 19b0 33w1 25b0 12w0 43b1403312,50
28Neoh Sheng Wei Nicholas1211MAS 1w0 47b0 50b1 43w1 22w½ 23b1 25w½ 19b0403213,75
29Ong Coshinne1208MAS 5b1 6w0 12b0 52w1 18b0 50w1 31b0 38w1403114,00
30Kiev Siow Jia Shen1047MAS 7w0 21b0 51w1 14b0 53w1 12b0 46w1 40b140297,50
31Yong Yee Xin Ivie1131MAS 27b0 39w1 26b0 35w0 52b+ 44b1 29w1 14w04027,513,50
32Cheah Zong Ze1289MAS 9w0 20b0 48w½ 45b1 25b0 47w½ 50b1 39w14026,510,00
33Liang Wen Khai1141MAS 18b0 53w1 34b0 49w1 27b0 41w1 26b0 42b140257,50
34WCMDing Dao En1474MAS 52w0 45b1 33w1 20b1 5b0 18w½ 8w0 22b03,503313,25
35Lim Kun Hoe1158MAS 16w0 48b1 21w0 31b1 37w½ 15b½ 20w½ 23b03,503312,50
36Wong Kah Meng1200MAS 3w0 51b1 40w1 24w0 14b0 43b1 19w½ 21b03,5032,510,25
37Chan Zhen Jie Lincoln1290MAS 51w1 16b0 47w1 5w0 35b½ 22b0 48w1 20b03,50308,75
38Sim Zi Kang Kevin1063MAS 10b½ 50w1 15w1 16b0 21w0 8b0 40w½ 29b03033,511,00
39Ang Jing Xu1118MAS 19w0 31b0 45w1 47b1 20w0 42b1 15w0 32b03030,58,00
40Md Rizam Muhd Adam Sufi1308MAS 53b1 2w0 36b0 44b1 23w½ 17w0 38b½ 30w03030,57,25
41Chan Jing Ying1130MAS 8w0 -1 27b0 22b0 47w1 33b0 42w0 51b+3029,56,50
42Yvonne Yeoh Xin Ying-G1227MAS 11w0 23b0 14w0 51b1 46b1 39w0 41b1 33w03029,56,00
43Rosli Ain Insyirah1291MAS 13b0 5w0 53b1 28b0 49w1 36w0 45b1 27w03028,55,00
44Yong Je Pin Ian1257MAS 46b1 25w½ 10b0 40w0 50b½ 31w0 23w0 49b13027,57,00
45Ng Siang Zer1216MAS 24b0 34w0 39b0 32w0 -1 49b1 43w0 48b130267,00
46Lyn Siow Jia Yi-G1175MAS 44w0 22b0 -1 23b0 42w0 52b+ 30b0 50w130266,00
47Mithun Pranav1188IND 4b0 28w1 37b0 39w0 41b0 32b½ 49w0 53w12,5026,56,50
48Cheah Jor Wii1148MAS 26b0 35w0 32b½ 50w0 51b1 53w1 37b0 45w02,50234,50
49Ariam Bun Sem1146MAS 21w1 15b0 20w0 33b0 43b0 45w0 47b1 44w02029,57,00
50Yap Ze Yuan1212MAS 15w½ 38b0 28w0 48b1 44w½ 29b0 32w0 46b02028,56,50
51Hamzah Imran Ahmad1179MAS 37b0 36w0 30b0 42w0 48w0 -1 53b1 41w-2024,52,50
52Vesyal Arulsyankar1280MAS 34b1 13w0 4b0 29b0 31w- 46w- -0 -01033,53,50
53Lim Han Jay1181MAS 40w0 33b0 43w0 -1 30b0 48b0 51w0 47b010250,50

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable