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Campionat SUB12 2019 - Comarques Pirinenques

Last update 22.02.2019 19:52:16, Creator/Last Upload: Federació d’Escacs Valls d’Andorra

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Starting rank

1Ribera Veganzones SerniAND1873GEVA-CEA
2Aisa Gomez MarjorieAND1456GEVA-CEA
3Vilche Garro Giulia V.AND1424GEVA-CEA
4Sanchez Sala RogerAND1410GEVA-CEA
5Guardia Comes AleixAND1370GEVA-CEA
6Riba Revert ClaraAND1365GEVA-CEA
7Montraveta Jo LaiaAND1364GEVA-CEA
8Chaderat Xarpell JaumeAND1363GEVA-CEA
9Sansa Aviles MartiAND1328GEVA-CEA