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9th HDBank International Chess Tournament 2019 - Masters

Last update 13.03.2019 09:30:48, Creator/Last Upload: Vietnamchess

Player overview for ned

7GMVan Wely Loek2612NED1½11½101½6,56103,40Masters

Results of the last round for ned

Rd.Bo.No. NameTypFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypFEDRtg No.
GMPopov IvanRUS25816 ½ - ½6 GMVan Wely LoekNED2612

Player details for ned

GM Van Wely Loek 2612 NED Rp:2631 Pts. 6,5
182CMLe Minh Hoang2299VIE4,5w 10,860,14101,40
252Sammed Jaykumar Shete2387IND5,5s ½0,78-0,2810-2,80
364CMRohith Krishna S2363IND4,5w 10,810,19101,90
434Li Yankai2434CHN5,5s 10,730,27102,70
520GMKarthik Venkataraman2494IND6,5w ½0,66-0,1610-1,60
618IMXu Yi2520CHN6w 10,630,37103,70
71GMWang Hao2718CHN7,5s 00,36-0,3610-3,60
853GMCao Sang2385VIE6w 10,790,21102,10
911GMPopov Ivan2581RUS6,5s ½0,54-0,0410-0,40