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2018 London Junior Chess Championships Under 14 Minor

Last update 16.12.2018 19:52:10, Creator/Last Upload: LJCC

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Final Ranking crosstable after 6 Rounds

Rk.NameRtg1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd TB1  TB2 
1Divet Antoine98 16b1 26w1 5b1 4b1 15w1 3w½5,520,5
2Stoica Savas99 12w½ 10b½ 18w1 13b1 5w1 4b1515,5
3Song Anwen103 20w1 14b0 9w1 17b1 6w1 1b½4,515,5
4Kobler Marius104 15b1 9w1 14b1 1w0 12b1 2w0417
5Pert Nina108 18w1 17b1 1w0 14w1 2b0 13b1415
Martin Thomas W88 21w1 8b½ 13w1 12w½ 3b0 16w1415
7Pham Catherine95 24w1 13b0 20w1 15b0 21w1 12w1413
8Turner Ben98 -1 6w½ 12b0 10b½ 9w½ 17b13,512
9Wang Yong Gui82 19w1 4b0 3b0 22w1 8b½ 18w13,511
10Barnett-Harris Lucas99 22b½ 2w½ 15b0 8w½ 25b1 19w13,510
11Ganeshbabu Adarsh Arun93 26b0 16w½ 22b½ 23w1 19b½ 15w13,59,5
12Maton Emily75 2b½ 22w1 8w1 6b½ 4w0 7b0313,5
13Ball Katie51 25b1 7w1 6b0 2w0 14b1 5w0313
14Dhillon Aaron83 23b1 3w1 4w0 5b0 13w0 21b1312
Davies Iris Amelia78 4w0 21b1 10w1 7w1 1b0 11b0312
16Rajaram Jishnu71 1w0 11b½ 24w1 25b1 17w½ 6b0310,5
17Crosby Peter84 27b1 5w0 19b1 3w0 16b½ 8w02,511
18Summers Dylan81 5b0 27w1 2b0 27b1 20w½ 9b02,59
Boyle Eoin0 9b0 -1 17w0 20b1 11w½ 10b02,59
20Bracken Jasmine77 3b0 23w1 7b0 19w0 18b½ 25w12,57
21Shkuratovskyi Artemiy68 6b0 15w0 27b1 24w1 7b0 14w027
22Mendis Arjuna77 10w½ 12b0 11w½ 9b0 24b0 27w126
23Boyle Conor0 14w0 20b0 -1 11b0 27w½ 24b½25,5
24Rao Shree71 7b0 25w½ 16b0 21b0 22w1 23w½25
25Amasa-Attram Nii Tettey83 13w0 24b½ 26b1 16w0 10w0 20b01,56,5
26Amore Julian69 11w1 1b0 25w0 -0 -0 -016
27Asare Lordperseus53 17w0 18b0 21w0 18w0 23b½ 22b00,51

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break