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Χειμερινό Νεανικό Τουρνουά Rapid ΝΕΠ - ΕΑΠ - GroupC

Last update 09.12.2018 17:59:02, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Aliaj Arntit25888099GRE0
2Argyropoulos TheofanisGRE0
3Argyropoulou DespoinaGRE0
4Digaletos GerasimosGRE0
5Gialernios Georgios25888110GRE0
6Giannopoulos IoannisGRE0
7Kaligas AndreasGRE0
8Katartzopoulos Nikolaos25888129GRE0
9Kosonis Pavlos25888153GRE0
10Kouli XanthiGRE0
11Michail AlexandrosGRE0
12Michail VasileiosGRE0
13Mpardoutsos ChristosGRE0
14Sasso LeonardoGRE0
15Stathopoulou MariaGRE0
16Stergiakis DimitriosGRE0
17Stergiakis FotiosGRE0
18Tountopoulos CharalamposGRE0
19Valsamos KonstantinosGRE0
20Zervas DionysiosGRE0