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Campionatul Republicii Moldova la şah, 2019, Liga I, feminin

Last update 14.12.2018 18:12:24, Creator/Last Upload: CHESS FEDERATION OF MOLDOVA

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Starting rank

1Crigan Galina13900153MDA1827Balti
2Mocanu Valeria13905287MDA1826Chisinau
3Golban Liudmila13904663MDA1758Balti
4Ojog Felicia13906666MDA1630Chisinau
5Varekha Anna13909940MDA1614Tiraspol
6Manitcaia Alina13907433MDA1589Balti
7Cotun Mihaela13907077MDA1566Chisinau
8Bargan Victoria13908197MDA1508Chisinau
9Pruteanu Alina13906003MDA1437Chisinau
10Petricenco Ana13908596MDA1346Chisinau
11Tuktamisova Diana13909932MDA1187Tiraspol
12Bitca Emilia13909720MDA1163Chisinau
13Guzun Lavinia13909762MDA1139Chisinau
14Luca Iana13908804MDA1132Chisinau