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Last update 15.10.2010 19:27:24, Creator/Last Upload: JAPFA CHESS CLUB

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMCERDAS BARUS2417INA 98b1 39w1 29b1 38w1 4b1 8w1 3b½ 19w1 10b18,551,548
2IMIRWANTO SADIKIN2430INA 62w1105b½ 87w0100w1 39b1 16w1 61b1 11b1 3w17,54338,3
3FMANJAS NOVITA2489INA 92b1 71w1 18b1 19w1 10b½ 31w1 1w½ 7b1 2b075439
4IMSALOR SITANGGANG2369INA 47w1 70b1 69w1 42b1 1w0 9b0 68w1 24b1 26w174934
5NMAHMAD BACHTIAR NM2318INA109b1 40w1 22b1 8w0 71b1 29w0 70b1 53w1 18b174432
6NMLAKSANA AGUSTA2270INA130w1 77b1 17w0 23b1 95w1 30b½ 13b½ 46w1 19b174230
7IMTIRTO2388INA 33b1 20w1 25b½ 87w1 12b1 10w1 8b½ 3w0 15b½6,55437,5
8IMM. IVAN SITURU2385INA 78w1 95b1 9w1 5b1 17w1 1b0 7w½ 26b½ 11w½6,55436
9NMSUTARNO2253INA 27b1 65w1 8b0 33w1 44b1 4w1 19b0 13w½ 34w16,552,536,8
10GMH. ARDIANSYAH2371INA 74b1 73w1 96b1 44w1 3w½ 7b0 17w1 30b1 1w06,549,531
11FMHANNY MARENTEK2298INA110b1 61w½ 88b½ 41w1 20b1 22w1 29b1 2w0 8b½6,546,531,8
12NMNELSON ROGANDA2314INA108b1 41w1 31b½ 16w1 7w0 88b1 30w0 64b1 37w16,544,529,8
13FMAWAM WAHONO2504INA119w1 87b½ 67w1 31b0 90w1 68b1 6w½ 9b½ 28w16,54026
14NMIQRA MUSA PUTRA2314INA111w1 17b0108w0 82b1110b1 41w1 21w1 29b½ 30w16,53827,3
15NMBOY TUMIMOMOR2282INA125w1 21b0110w1 40b0111w1 23b1 77w1 22b1 7w½6,537,523,3
16NMSUYUD HARTOYO0INA121w1 43b½105w1 12b0106w1 2b0 88w1 61w1 29w16,537,521
17NMJOHNY TENE2161INA104b1 14w1 6b1 25w1 8b0 38w1 10b0 18w0 46b1651,532,5
18NMARTHUR PAAT2256INA 55w1 50b1 3w0 30b0108w1 44b1 32w1 17b1 5w064828,5
19NMRICKY RISMANTO2310INA126w1 68b1 32w1 3b0 43w1 69b1 9w1 1b0 6w0647,525
20NMDAVID HUKOM2161INA 35w1 7b0 94w1 34b1 11w0 45b0 54w1 79b1 56w1646,528,5
21AMRIN ALI, MP2155INA 93b1 15w1 38b0 49w0 97b1 72w1 14b0 48w1 42w1643,527
22NMFIRMAN SIMBOLON2209INA 94w1 72b1 5w0108b1 67w1 11b0 45w1 15w0 53b1643,523,5
23AGUS SALIM, MP2119INA 97b0 52w1 93b1 6w0 59b+ 15w0101b1 49w1 38b164326,5
24JHON ROY DAMANIK2248INA 81w1 67b0 89w1 50b1 68w0 99b1 48w1 4w0 40b1640,525,5
25NMARIS TILES2236INA128w1 79b1 7w½ 17b0 28w½ 67b0 66b1 76w1 41b164023,8
26GMHERMAN SURADIREDJA2270INA122b1 76w1 44b0 98w1 73b1 61w½ 31b1 8w½ 4b0639,522
27DJONI CAHYONO0INA 9w0120b1 75w1 32b1 69w0 95b1 28w0 73b1 43w163821,5
28TONY WINOWANAT0INA -0127w1109b1 88w½ 25b½ 73w1 27b1 38w1 13b0637,521,8
29NMIR. JHON NUDA2238INA116w1 53b1 1w0 62b1 40w1 5b1 11w0 14w½ 16b05,550,525,8
30KLEOPATRA2099INA 63b1 38w0 65b1 18w1 87b1 6w½ 12b1 10w0 14b05,55028,5
31NMMUSA MANARISIP2199INA 82w1 45b1 12w½ 13w1 49b1 3b0 26w0 34b0 64w15,55028,3
32ASRUL HIDAYAT2198INA 64b1100w1 19b0 27w0 35b1 80w1 18b0 44w1 36b½5,545,524,8
33RAYMOND LEIHITU2000INA 7w0 36b1101w1 9b0 34w0 35b½ 65w1 90b1 63w15,54523,8
34HENDRA0INA 72b0 81b1 78w1 20w0 33b1 71w1 51b½ 31w1 9b05,544,525,5
35MERCY MANEMBO0INA 20b0 74w0117b+ 47b1 32w0 33w½ 62b1 88w1 61b15,538,520,3
36KRES REPA0INA 39b0 33w0118b+ 75b0 81w1 74b1 95w1 68b1 32w½5,53517,8
37SAPRUDIN0INA 40b0108w0122b+ 89b½107w1105b1 39w1 51w1 12b05,53216,8
38NMANASRULLAH2265INA 66w1 30b1 21w1 1b0 70w1 17b0 67w1 28b0 23w0550,524
39NMSUGILAR2173INA 36w1 1b0 58w1 90b½ 2w0 65b1 37b0 52w½ 80b154923,3
40AGUS DK2147INA 37w1 5b0114w+ 15w1 29b0 46w0 60b1 45b1 24w0546,523
41ALFRIED DIEN2122INA 48w1 12b0 79w1 11b0102w1 14b0 59w1 69b1 25w0546,521
42NMHUDALLAH2265INA 56b1 54w1 59b1 4w0 61b0 76w1 53b0 77w1 21b0545,523
43NMDEDEN SUPRIADI2200INA 52b1 16w½107b1 61w½ 19b0 53w0 80b1 50w1 27b0544,522
44A. RAFIQ2064INA102w1 75b1 26w1 10b0 9w0 18w0 97b1 32b0 83w1544,520
45HEERY ANJOYO0INA 46b1 31w0 99b0 52w+ 74w+ 20w1 22b0 40w0 88b154323,5
46SUMAROW JONNY0INA 45w0116b1 47w1 68b0 89w1 40b1 69w1 6b0 17w0540,518,5
47JEFRY DJALY1956INA 4b0103w1 46b0 35w0 85w1102b1 79w0 84b1 69w1539,518
48TONI BANUNAEK0INA 41b0110w0 56b1 66w1 98b1 96w1 24b0 21b0 68w1538,519,5
49FMKASMIRAN2396INA 67w0113b1111w1 21b1 31w0 77b0 99w1 23b0 74w1536,517
50SAM'UN2065INA123b1 18w0 97b1 24w0101b0 57w1 72b1 43b0 79w153616
51HANS PUSUNG2235INA 54b0107w0131b+ 84b1 58w1103b1 34w½ 37b0 55w½535,517,3
52HERRY TIMBONGOL0INA 43w0 23b0120w1 45b- 92w1 62b½105b+ 39b½ 71w1535,514,8
53WILEM PASLA1826INA129b1 29w0100b0114w+112w1 43b1 42w1 5b0 22w0534,513
54H. MANOPO0INA 51w1 42b0115w+ 71w0 96b0 98w1 20b0101w1 77b153416
55DICKSON BAWINTIL0INA 18b0123w1 71b0 65w½ 64b0 83w1106w1 87b1 51b½53414,8
56BUSTANUL0INA 42w0102b0 48w0118b1 91w1 75b1 96b1 70w1 20b0533,514,5
57HAZAIWAR0INA 96b0124b1 70w0 83w0 93b+ 50b0 75w+ 72w1 76b1531,515,5
58EDI NUR0INA 69w0121b+ 39b0 63w1 51b0113w1 71b0102w1 70b1531,513,5
59YUSUF ARIFIN0INA117w1115b1 42w0 95b0 23w-109w1 41b0 82w1 67b153011
60RINO KEMBUAN0INA 88b0109w0126b+111b0 86w1108b1 40w0 78b1 73w1526,514
61M. MANALU2112INA 90w1 11b½106w1 43b½ 42w1 26b½ 2w0 16b0 35w04,54819,8
62H. SINGKOH2048INA 2b0 85w1 63b1 29w0 72b0 52w½ 35w0107b1 90w14,54217
63ABD. HALID0INA 30w0 66b1 62w0 58b0 94w½107b1 89w1 96b1 33b04,537,515,3
64J. PUA0INA 32w0119b1 77w½105b0 55w1106b1 87b1 12w0 31b04,53513
65SETMIN PANGUN0INA124w1 9b0 30w0 55b½115w1 39w0 33b0106b1 89w14,534,59,5
66ARTHUR TIMBULENG0INA 38b0 63w0123b+ 48b0104w1112b1 25w0 91b½ 87w14,532,510,3
67SUGENG PRASETYO,MP2007INA 49b1 24w1 13b0 96w1 22b0 25w1 38b0 71w- 59w0446,520
68NMNURUL HUDA2157INA114b1 19w0 82b1 46w1 24b1 13w0 4b0 36w0 48b044616
69AHMAD RAIHAN2242INA 58b1 97w1 4b0 99w1 27b1 19w0 46b0 41w0 47b044517
70RATMATTULLAH NOOR2165INA103b1 4w0 57b1 72w1 38b0101w1 5w0 56b0 58w044415
71M. WAHYU, MP2180INA131w1 3b0 55w1 54b1 5w0 34b0 58w1 67b- 52b0443,515
72MADJID0INA 34w1 22w0 74b1 70b0 62w1 21b0 50w0 57b0106w1442,516,5
73NMYULI SUPRAPTO2161INA 91w1 10b0 80w1112b1 26w0 28b0103w+ 27w0 60b044212,5
74ASRA ONTONG1982INA 10w0 35b1 72w0 91b1 45b- 36w0 93b1 97w1 49b0441,515,5
75FMSYARIF MAHMUD2265INA 89b1 44w0 27b0 36w1 80b0 56w0 57b-110b1 91w1439,514,5
76ENGEL B. TAMPI, DRS2084INA 83w1 26b0 90w0104b1 79w1 42b0100w1 25b0 57w0439,514
77ANANG SATRIADI2126INA132b1 6w0 64b½113w½ 83b1 49w1 15b0 42b0 54w043912,3
78DIRMAN TOPADE1986INA 8b0 84w1 34b0103w0 82w1 79b0104b1 60w0 97b143814
79SUGIANTO0INA118b1 25w0 41b0109w1 76b0 78w1 47b1 20w0 50b043711
80JANTO POLILEIKENE0INA 87b0 92w1 73b0115w+ 75w1 32b0 43w0100b1 39w0434,511,5
81DONALD MAMESAH0INA 24b0 34w0121b1 97w0 36b0 84w0 -1113b1102w1433,55
82HM. AKBARRANI0INA 31b0117b+ 68w0 14w0 78b0115b1 92w1 59b0100w1432,57,5
83YONGGULEMBA PAKEDA0INA 76b0 89w0128b+ 57b1 77w0 55b0108w1 99w1 44b0431,510
84KORKI RAJAWANE0INA 95w0 78b0124w+ 51w0109b0 81b1 98w+ 47w0 99b142910
85JONI PONGOH0INA105w0 62b0112w0119b+ 47b0 92b0115w1 98b1 96w1424,57
86FERDI POLII0INA115w0112b0 95w0117b+ 60b0 93w0116b1111w1101b1420,56
87NMARIFIN HIDAYAT2189INA 80w1 13w½ 2b1 7b0 30w0 90b1 64w0 55w0 66b03,547,518,3
88NMSUMARYONO2155INA 60w1106b½ 11w½ 28b½105w1 12w0 16b0 35b0 45w03,54615
89ARIANTOK HALIK0INA 75w0 83b1 24b0 37w½ 46b0 94w1 63b0105w1 65b03,539,512,8
90W. PATU BABOE0INA 61b0122w1 76b1 39w½ 13b0 87w0113b+ 33w0 62b03,535,58,5
91MZ. SIRUA0INA 73b0 99w0 92b1 74w0 56b0 -1111w+ 66w½ 75b03,534,57,8
92BAHRU ODE, MP2049INA 3w0 80b0 91w0120b+ 52b0 85w1 82b0104w1 93b½3,5348,8
93SAHARUDIN0INA 21w0125b1 23w0110b- 57w- 86b1 74w0109b1 92w½3,532,57,8
94HERRY RAUF0INA 22b0118w1 20b0101w0 63b½ 89b0107w0116w1105b13,5295,8
95NMGATOT EDI2173INA 84b1 8w0 86b1 59w1 6b0 27w0 36b0103w-103w-34413
96NMFIKRUL SAIFUDDIN2221INA 57w1101b1 10w0 67b0 54w1 48b0 56w0 63w0 85b034213
97VALENTINIOABASTIAN0INA 23w1 69b0 50w0 81b1 21w0111b1 44w0 74b0 78w034012
98ANDI MUHSIN2026INA 1w0131b1102w1 26b0 48w0 54b0 84b- 85w0107b13385,5
99SYAMSUDIN HARMAIN1853INA106w0 91b1 45w1 69b0100w1 24w0 49b0 83b0 84w033711,5
100SARMAN HASAN0INA112w1 32b0 53w1 2b0 99b0110w1 76b0 80w0 82b03379
101NMSTENLY MANOPPO0INA120w1 96w0 33b0 94b1 50w1 70b0 23w0 54b0 86w03368,5
102YUSUF AL HABSY0INA 44b0 56w1 98b0116w1 41b0 47w0109b+ 58b0 81b03358
103LA IWAN0INA 70w0 47b0119w1 78b1113b1 51w0 73b- 95b- 95b-3306
104MICHAIL KUNTAG0INA 17w0111b0125w+ 76w0 66b0116b1 78w0 92b0109w13273
105NMANTUNG SELAMAT2185INA 85b1 2w½ 16b0 64w1 88b0 37w0 52w- 89b0 94w02,543,512,3
106FMKHAIRUL ANAM2352INA 99b1 88w½ 61b0107w1 16b0 64w0 55b0 65w0 72b02,5387,3
107HENGKY MOUWUNTU0INA113w½ 51b1 43w0106b0 37b0 63w0 94b1 62w0 98w02,535,59,5
108MUSA KASDIM, MP1783INA 12w0 37b1 14b1 22w0 18b0 60w0 83b0112w-113w-243,512
109RIZAL SASAMBE1817INA 5w0 60b1 28w0 79b0 84w1 59b0102w- 93w0104b0240,59
110PETER1738INA 11w0 48b1 15b0 93w+ 14w0100b0112w- 75w0111b-2398,5
111JEFRI SAIKAT1785INA 14b0104w1 49b0 60w1 15b0 97w0 91b- 86b0110w-238,58
112IKSAN GP0INA100b0 86w1 85b1 73w0 53b0 66w0110b-108b-115b-229,58
113NMZAITUL ICHLAS2212INA107b½ 49w0129w+ 77b½103w0 58b0 90w- 81w0108b-2293,3
114NADA NADIAH0INA 68w0126b+ 40b- 53b-116b- -0 -0 -0 -01330
115NMYANGDI SAID2237INA 86b1 59w0 54b- 80b- 65b0 82w0 85b0131w-112w-132,54
116ERWIN KADIR0INA 29b0 46w0127b+102b0114w-104w0 86w0 94b0131w-1250
117WAHYUDI, MP2059INA 59b0 82w- 35w- 86w-131w- -0 -0 -0 -0036,50
118NMMARIHOT MARBUN2131INA 79w0 94b0 36w- 56w0123b- -0 -0 -0 -00360
NMSUAIDI, S Sos2057INA 13b0 64w0103b0 85w-132w- -0 -0 -0 -00360
120NMFIRMAN SALUSI0INA101b0 27w0 52b0 92w-126b- -0 -0 -0 -0035,50
121HENDRAJATI0INA 16b0 58w- 81w0130b-122b- -0 -0 -0 -0033,50
122QOLBIAH FITRI1592INA 26w0 90b0 37w-132w-121w- -0 -0 -0 -00330
123YORY MANDEY0INA 50w0 55b0 66w-124w-118w- -0 -0 -0 -0032,50
124NMFRANS WEMPI WARICU2135INA 65b0 57w0 84b-123b-128b- -0 -0 -0 -0031,50
125RATNA1666INA 15b0 93w0104b-127b-127b- -0 -0 -0 -00310
126WELLY KUMONTOY1769INA 19b0114w- 60w-131w-120w- -0 -0 -0 -00300
127ABDULAH S.0INA -0 28b0116w-125w-125w- -0 -0 -0 -0029,50
128GALSIL FITRI0INA 25b0129w- 83w-129w-124w- -0 -0 -0 -00280
129NMARMANSYAH PUTRA2320INA 53w0128b-113b-128b-130b- -0 -0 -0 -00250
ADAM NANI0INA 6b0132w-132w-121w-129w- -0 -0 -0 -00250
131KARMAN ABDUL AZIS0INA 71b0 98w0 51w-126b-117b- -0 -0115b-116b-0230
132SYAHIRUL ALIM0INA 77w0130b-130b-122b-119b- -0 -0 -0 -00220

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break (with real points)