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Chipping Sodbury Rapidplay 20181021 Open

Last update 09.11.2018 00:32:27, Creator/Last Upload: Geoff Gammon

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Starting rank

1Martin Lewis410551ENG2114ncl Brown Jack
2IMSherwin James T2000997USA203Wiltshire CCA
3Morris Gareth L1800892WLS193Bristol & Clifton
4Doklestic Igor1804227WLS172Bristol & Clifton
5Stubbs Oliver441325ENG172Downend & Fishponds
6Timmins Chris P471119ENG172Bristol *
7Harvey Ga469254ENG158South Bristol
8De Piro Tristram Dp2404265SCO156Cheltenham (Glo)
9Tan Wei Hao5702216MAS156Downend & Fishponds
10Kan Toby457515ENG153Downend & Fishponds
11Havard Gwyn1805428WLS134Malpas