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Rapid Ηλείας - Ζακύνθου 2018 - Β Όμιλος

Last update 14.10.2018 14:33:19, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1Asteris Georgios42112605GRE0
2Asteris Konstantinos42112591GRE0
3Berkoutaki Filothei42112583GRE0
4Charitos Sotirios42108080GRE0
5Dipla Marina Zoi25887769GRE0
6Kalliontzis GeorgiosGRE0
7Kalliontzis Panagiotis25898469GRE0
8Kampitsis Pavlos25882511GRE0
9Kontos DimitrisGRE0
10Krekoukiotis Georgios25887912GRE0
11Sakellariou Athanasios42108020GRE0
12Spyratos Petros Pavlos42102693GRE0
13Tzouganatos Dimitrios25892215GRE0
14Zervas Dionysios42112494GRE0