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I St Tezzas Tutorial Under 19 Girls Selection Chess Tournament 2018

Last update 29.09.2018 19:24:34, Creator/Last Upload: Lucknow Chess Academy License 6

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Starting rank

1Aditi pandeyIND0
2Ananya yadavIND0
3Anvisha chaturvediIND0
4Aradhya jaiswalIND0
5Asmi umraoIND0
6Avishi guptaIND0
7Bhakti tekwaniIND0
8Diksha diwediIND0
9Divya sriramIND0
10Gungun vermaIND0
11Ishita gargIND0
12Kratika sinhaIND0
13Lavanya agarwalIND0
14Manya agarwalIND0
15Manya sethiIND0
16Nehal nigamIND0
17Nishika dudhoriaIND0
18Poorvi sethiIND0
19Pratiksha vermaIND0
20Renu gautamIND0
21Sakshi vermaIND0
22Shreya saxenaIND0
23Shruti tiwariIND0
24Tanya vermaIND0