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Watford Chess Club : Summer Rapidplay

Last update 26.08.2018 20:10:33, Creator/Last Upload: watford chess

Starting rank

1Karumazondo ErnestENG179Watford
2Pigott DarrellENG151Watford
3Papathanasopoulos NickENG142Watford
4Nielsen Geir ErikENG140Watford
5Charles SimonENG138Watford
6Laskier PaulENG123Watford
7Giblin MartinFRA110Watford
8Mead-Herbert BradleyENG110Watford
9Poves GabrielENG110Watford
10Sloan CecilUSA108Watford
11Mehta KaveerENG103Watford
12Byrne ChrisENG100Watford
13Hurrell TheoENG93Watford
14Healey DavidENG92Watford
15Malo RamonESP80Watford
16Pavlov AntonENG65Watford
17Ruzhansky EliasENG51Watford
18Dasgupta AvyENG49Watford
19Gill AranENG30Watford
20Chadha IshaanENG28Watford
21Liebana AlexanderESP25Watford
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