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1st Watford Junior (u-12) Rapidplay

Last update 22.08.2018 15:10:04, Creator/Last Upload: Watford Chess

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Starting rank

1Chetverikov Ivan458554ENG114Oxfordshire Juniors
2Yau Ethan YENG101Leigh/Westcliff*
3Hurrell Theo DrENG93Watford
4Tokar Kyrylo465860ENG91Barnet Juniors
5Malhotra Parth448303ENG90Watford
6Yau Max YENG82Leigh/Westcliff*
7Lynn RoryENG76Hertfordshire Juniors
8Ganyushin Lettie457469ENG75Watford
9Maton EmilyENG75Hertfordshire Juniors
10Lisowski Olivia451231ENG74Middlesex Juniors
11Tathare RohanENG69Watford
12Dhorne ZaraENG65Monmouthshire
13Mitra TuhinENG55Watford
14Ruzhansky EliasENG51Surrey *
15Kotecha DevENG46Watford
16Birke TimoENG39Watford
17Kong OscarENG33Essex Juniors
18Chavan AaravENG31Watford
19Chadha IshaanENG28Watford
20Ayoola DanielENG15Hertfordshire Juniors
21Manimaran ThenralENG10Watford
22Dasgupta AvyuktENG49Edgware Gambits
23George SebENG0
24Kotecha DhruvENG0Watford
25Mahesh HarshiniUSA0
26Yuan DerekENG0