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Last update 30.08.2010 05:00:55, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Starting rank

1Nguyen Minh TuanQ01
2Hoang Minh PhongRMT
3Phan Hung ChiQ01
4Tran Quang KhaiQ10
5Nguyen Tuan LongQ03
6Nguyen Viet NamQ10
7Nguyen Thanh TamQ05
8Ha Duy DienQ03
9Thai Ngoc LongQ08
10Le Quang AnQTB
11Nguyen Hoang AnhQBT
12Nguyen Tien AnhQTB
13Nguyen Tung AnhMKA
14Phung Duc AnhQ01
15Tran Duc AnhQTB
16Vu Thien Nam AnhQ01
17Nguyen Thai Trong BangMKA
18Do Khanh BinhRMT
19Vo Kim CangQ08
20Le Hoang Tran ChauQ01
21Huynh Minh ChienNTN
22Phan Nguyen Hung CuongQTB
23Vong Thanh DuocQ03
24Nguyen Thai DuongQ08
25Dang Hoang Vinh DuyQ01
26Thai Minh HaiQ01
27Nguyen Van Phuc HauQTB
28Nguyen Hoang HiepQTB
29Hoang Ngoc HieuQBT
30Nguyen Cong HieuNTN
31Le Minh HoangMKA
32Tran Hoang Thai HungQTB
33Le Anh HuyQTB
34Le Bao HuyNTN
35Mai Ngoc HuyQ03
36Nguyen Phu HuySMC
37Nguyen Phuc Anh HuyQ01
38Vo Minh TrietMKA
39Le Anh KhoaQTB
40Le Nho KhoaRMT
41Nguyen Huu Anh KhoaQ03
42Ha Minh KhoiNTN
43Nguyen Anh KhoiQTB
44Vuong Phuoc Minh KhoiQTB
45Nguyen Trung KienQTB
46Le Hoang KimVLA
47Hoang Tung LamQ05
48Do Hoang LamQTB
49Thai Toan LamQTB
50Thanh Cat Phi LamQ08
51Huynh Nghi Phuong NghiQTB
52Dinh Hoa LuQ03
53Duong Pham Dinh LuanQ01
54Lai Duc MinhQ10
55Luong Quang Nhat MinhQTB
56Nguyen Hai MinhQTB
57Nguyen Hoang MinhRMT
58Nguyen Tuan MinhQ03
59Pham Duc MinhMKA
60Pham Nguyen Tam MinhMKA
61Quach Phuong MinhQ05
62Le Thanh NamNTN
63Nguyen Tan Hoang NamQ08
64Nguyen Thanh NghiaQ08
65Le Nguyen Khoi NguyenNTN
66Le Trung NguyenQ05
67Huynh Thai NhanQTB
68Pham Nguyen Hieu NhanVLA
69Huynh Minh NhatQ01
70Tran Dai PhatQ01
71Tran Tien PhatQBT
72Tran Bao PhucQGV
73Nguyen Bao QuanNTN
74Nguyen Phung QuanQ03
75Hoang Trong Minh QuangQBT
76Pham Trung QuocNTN
77Vu Quang QuyenQGV
78Dang Nguyen Thien SonQ01
79Dang Thai SonQ01
80Doan Truong SonQTB
81Duong Dinh SonVLA
82Nguyen Tri TamQ03
83Truong Bao ThachQ03
84Duong Phu ThanhQ10
85Nguyen Tuan ThanhQ10
86Truong Tan ThanhQ04
87Tran Duc ThinhRMT
88Nguyen Thanh ThongQTB
89Nguyen Vinh Huy ThongQ03
90Nguyen Thanh Thuy TienQ03
91Mai Tran Bao ToanQ01
92Le Quang TraQTB
93Nguyen Mai Duc TriQTB
94Nguyen Huu Minh TrietQ01
95Tran Ngoc TrietQBT
96Tran Ngoc TrongMKA
97Le Minh TuMKA
98Tran Xuan TuMKA
99Nguyen Anh TanQ03
100Tran Phuong TungVLA
101Nguyen Van VinhQ01
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