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7 Open Chess Tournament Kalamaria 2010 - A GROUP

Last update 01.09.2010 21:33:44, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Club Union

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMAndriasian Zaven2588ARM 34b1 23w1 18b½ 19w1 11b1 2w½ 4b½ 9w1 5w½704246,5
2GMAtalik Suat2607TUR 41w1 55b1 22w1 12b1 3w½ 1b½ 6w½ 5b0 11w16,5042,546,5
3GMDrozdovskij Yuri2624UKR 45b1 21w1 4b½ 18w1 2b½ 6w½ 16b½ 11w½ 7w16,504247
4GMNikolaidis Ioannis2493GRE 26w1 27b1 3w½ 47b½ 7w½ 21b1 1w½ 6b½ 17w16,5041,546
5GMRadulski Julian2574BUL 64w1 37b1 15w½ 11b0 17w1 18b1 7w½ 2w1 1b½6,5041,545,5
6GMMastrovasilis Dimitrios2583GRE 66w1 13b½ 11w½ 37b1 47w1 3b½ 2b½ 4w½ 12b16,5040,544,5
7GMMastrovasilis Athanasios2539GRE 50b1 30w1 19b½ 15w½ 4b½ 12w1 5b½ 16w1 3b06041,546,5
8GMIotov Valentin2581BUL 28b1 17w1 12b0 16w½ 13b½ 20w1 15w½ 14b½ 23w16038,543,5
9GMPetrov Marijan2535BUL 31w1 47b½ 13w½ 27b1 12w½ 15b½ 22w1 1b0 25w16038,543
10WIMFakhiridou Ekaterini2238GRE 33w½ 14b0 42w1 31b½ 24w0 63b1 36w1 38b1 21w16032,536,5
11Pavlidis Antonios2369GRE 40b1 43w1 6b½ 5w1 1w0 14b½ 13w1 3b½ 2b05,504448
12WGMZdebskaja Natalia2383UKR 52w1 49b1 8w1 2w0 9b½ 7b0 26w1 15b1 6w05,504144,5
13Malikentzos Sotirios2239GRE 48b1 6w½ 9b½ 14b½ 8w½ 28w1 11b0 40w1 16b½5,504044
14IMGrigorov Grigor2503BUL 39b½ 10w1 16b½ 13w½ 25b1 11w½ 19b½ 8w½ 20b½5,5039,544,5
15IMShavtvaladze Nikoloz2424GEO 60b1 53w1 5b½ 7b½ 22w½ 9w½ 8b½ 12w0 34b15,5039,542,5
16Argiroudis Stamatis2315GRE 56w½ 29b1 14w½ 8b½ 48w1 55b1 3w½ 7b0 13w½5,503942
17Baghdasaryan Vahe2229ARM 32b1 8b0 48w½ 39w1 5b0 24w1 34b1 18w1 4b05,5038,542,5
18IMAtalik Ekaterina2444TUR 63w1 38b1 1w½ 3b0 40w1 5w0 47b1 17b0 33w15,5038,542,5
19FMRaykhman Alexander2362GER 36w1 42b1 7w½ 1b0 38w1 22b½ 14w½ 21b0 32w15,503741
20Ntiloudi Despina2046GRE 42w0 60b½ 56w1 33b½ 51w1 8b0 31w1 24b1 14w½5,503336
21FMRadovanovic Jovica2329SRB 57b1 3b0 26w1 32w½ 43b1 4w0 25b½ 19w1 10b05038,542,5
22IMErdogdu Mert2448TUR 61b1 35w1 2b0 36w1 15b½ 19w½ 9b0 25w0 39b1503741
23Exizoglou Dimitrios2262GRE 68w+ 1b0 36w0 53b1 31w1 34w½ 32b½ 28w1 8b05035,539,5
24Moshoutas Nikolaos1867GRE 47w0 31b0 46w1 35w1 10b1 17b0 27w1 20w0 48b15035,539
25Spirliadis Achileas2015GRE 29w0 52b½ 54w1 49b1 14w0 48b1 21w½ 22b1 9b0503437
26Papadopoulos Panayotis1951GRE 4b0 59w1 21b0 65w1 44b½ 58w1 12b0 47w+ 30w½503437
27FMGalopoulos Panagiotis2095GRE 59b1 4w0 44b1 9w0 36b½ 39w½ 24b0 51w1 40b15033,537
28Kesidis Odyseas1980GRE 8w0 32b0 62w1 59b1 37w1 13b0 55w1 23b0 36w15032,535,5
29Metaxas Efstathios1817GRE 25b1 16w0 50b½ -0 41w0 57b½ 63w1 37b1 38w15031,534,5
30Skoulakis Charalambos2112GRE 65w1 7b0 33w½ 48b0 56w1 36b½ 41w1 32b½ 26b½5030,533,5
31Papadopoulos Panagiotis1969GRE 9b0 24w1 51b½ 10w½ 23b0 46w1 20b0 44w1 35b½4,5035,539
32Gouliaros-Antoniadis Alexandro1882GRE 17w0 28w1 35b1 21b½ 55w½ 47b½ 23w½ 30w½ 19b04,503539,5
33Naoum Spyridon1884GRE 10b½ 58w½ 30b½ 20w½ 34b0 51w1 39b½ 50w1 18b04,5034,538,5
34Asimenios Ast1986GRE 1w0 62b1 49w½ 51b½ 33w1 23b½ 17w0 43b1 15w04,5034,538
35Konstantinidis Konstantinos2000GRE 54w1 22b0 32w0 24b0 53w½ 49b½ 57w1 56b1 31w½4,5028,531,5
36Ballas Kleon-Evangelos1921GRE 19b0 45w1 23b1 22b0 27w½ 30w½ 10b0 46w1 28b0403640,5
37Vlassis Georgios2152GRE 44b1 5w0 53b1 6w0 28b0 43w1 40b0 29w0 57b14035,538,5
38Gountras Klearhos2009GRE 51b1 18w0 43b½ 57w1 19b0 40w½ 44b1 10w0 29b04034,538
39Kafetzis Georgios1958GRE 14w½ 56b1 47w0 17b0 54w1 27b½ 33w½ 41b½ 22w0403437
40Papakonstantinou Dimitrios1927GRE 11w0 46b1 55w½ 58w1 18b0 38b½ 37w1 13b0 27w04033,537,5
41Papahristou Nikolaos1993GRE 2b0 57w½ 61b1 43w0 29b1 44w½ 30b0 39w½ 42b½403336
42Tsakiris Haralambos1834GRE 20b1 19w0 10b0 44w0 60b1 50w½ 58b½ 61b½ 41w½403336
43Ioannidis Evgenios1817GRE 46w1 11b0 38w½ 41b1 21w0 37b0 49w1 34w0 45b½4031,535
44Ladopoulos Dimitrios1872GRE 37w0 64b1 27w0 42b1 26w½ 41b½ 38w0 31b0 61w1403033
45Polizos Theodoros1995GRE 3w0 36b0 63w½ 52b½ -0 59w½ 54b1 49b1 43w½4028,531,5
46Athanasiadis Mihail2026GRE 43b0 40w0 24b0 -1 52w1 31b0 61w1 36b0 56w1402831
47Gavrilidis Georgios2126GRE 24b1 9w½ 39b1 4w½ 6b0 32w½ 18w0 26b- -03,503943,5
48Sourgkounis Angelos1886GRE 13w0 66b+ 17b½ 30w1 16b0 25w0 50b0 64w1 24w03,5035,539
49Barbageorgopoulou Fani1879GRE 58b1 12w0 34b½ 25w0 50b½ 35w½ 43b0 45w0 64b13,503236
50Sideris Giorgos1976GRE 7w0 65b1 29w½ 55b0 49w½ 42b½ 48w1 33b0 -03,503235
51Theoharidis Georgios1817GRE 38w0 63b1 31w½ 34w½ 20b0 33b0 52w1 27b0 60w½3,5031,534,5
52Galaras Anestis1927GRE 12b0 25w½ 58b0 45w½ 46b0 60w1 51b0 59w1 54b½3,502932
53Papakostas Dimitrios1870GRE 67b+ 15b0 37w0 23w0 35b½ 61w0 59b½ 65w½ 62b13,5028,530,5
54Papathanasiou Elisavet1810GRE 35b0 61w½ 25b0 62w1 39b0 56b½ 45w0 -1 52w½3,5027,530
55Inants Aghasi2275ARM 62b1 2w0 40b½ 50w1 32b½ 16w0 28b0 -0 -0303438
56Giakoustidis Spiros-Avgerinos1918GRE 16b½ 39w0 20b0 61w1 30b0 54w½ 64b1 35w0 46b0303134
57Kamaretsos Konstantinos1920GRE 21w0 41b½ 60w1 38b0 58b0 29w½ 35b0 63w+ 37w0303133,5
58WIMMakka Ioulia2175GRE 49w0 33b½ 52w1 40b0 57w1 26b0 42w½ -0 -0302932,5
59Sirnioti Georgia1847GRE 27w0 26b0 64w1 28w0 61b0 45b½ 53w½ 52b0 65b13028,531
60Bahar-Mosse Iakov1927GRE 15w0 20w½ 57b0 63b½ 42w0 52b0 -1 62w½ 51b½3027,529,5
61Koutroukis Andreas1944GRE 22w0 54b½ 41w0 56b0 59w1 53b1 46b0 42w½ 44b03026,529,5
62Poleschikov Alexey1917RUS 55w0 34w0 28b0 54b0 64w0 -1 65b1 60b½ 53w02,5024,526
63Savoglou Nikolaos1933GRE 18b0 51w0 45b½ 60w½ 65b1 10w0 29b0 57b- -02031,534
64Psomiadis Haralampos1980GRE 5b0 44w0 59b0 -0 62b1 65w1 56w0 48b0 49w02026,528,5
65Alexiou Andromahi1849GRE 30b0 50w0 -1 26b0 63w0 64b0 62w0 53b½ 59w01,5025,528
66Giankoula Romeo1981ALB 6b0 48w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0002627,5
67Milovanovic Ninoslav2144SRB 53w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00024,526
Farmakis Dimitrios1899GRE 23b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00024,526

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)