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List of all prizes in Olympiad 2010 Khanty Mansiysk (official), FIDE-Title (unofficial)

39th Chess Olympiad 2010 Open

Last update 09.10.2010 09:55:48, Creator/Last Upload: Heinz Herzog

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Team-Composition without round-results

  72. ICSC (ICSC / RtgAvg:2394 / TB1: 13 / TB2: 197) Captain: Cehic, Goran
1GMGruenfeld Yehuda2464ISR5,5102445
2IMCollutiis Duilio2447ITA7112373
3Klasan Vladimir2393SRB382106
4IMSalov Sergej2271GER6102301
5Parfenov Pavel2242RUS2,552152