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2018 UK Chess Challenge Midlands Gigafinal Under 9 Girls

Last update 08.07.2018 23:12:56, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Gatne Tanvi79Berkshire West
2Wiggett Sophie56Gloucestershire
3Rizvi Zara55Kent Bromley
4Khan Sana45Warwickshire
5Kantaria Siya43Middlesex South
6Samra Jia19Warwickshire
7Fowkes Holly8Northamptonshire And Leicester
8Ansell Jenna7Warwickshire
9Pandey Shona6Norfolk
10Abdelrahman Maryam0Warwickshire
11Abdulrahim Dia0Nottinghamshire
12Angus Lili0West Anglia
13Baidwan Mansimar0Staffordshire
14Boddy Niamh0Teesside
15Choung Ava Grace0South Wales
16Cross Lexi0Nottinghamshire
17Jayaswal Tarannum0Warwickshire
18Kaur Khera Muneet0Warwickshire
19Lakha Leila0Oxford
20Lakshmeesh Tvisha0Berkshire East
21Mccarthy Isadora0Barnet
22Mcdowell Anne0Scotland East
23Pathy Saachi0Nottinghamshire
24Rovenska Emma0Cornwall
25Royall Kate0Warwickshire
26Silva Viktoria0Bristol
27Sinclair Anayah0Bristol
28Syposz Izabela0West Anglia
29Thomas Molly0Northamptonshire And Leicester
30Wang Jinyao0Middlesex Central
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