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South Shields FIDE Blitz

Last update 08.07.2018 18:00:18, Creator/Last Upload: BrianTowers

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Starting rank

1FMWalker David J400882ENG2278
2Eggleston Thomas A412139ENG2170
3Abrahams Daniel2606879CAN2021
4Marsh John SENG1915Leam Lane
5Adams Tim P422150ENG1907
6Nandi Robin J434604ENG1898
7Wynarczyk Raymond415081ENG1893
8Bielby Paul R429864ENG1876
9Maughan IanENG1855South Shields
10Harvey Alan445886ENG1848
11Gara Kirill13518135BLR1837
12Turner Max N447722ENG1815
13Harker Peter450189ENG1803
14Smith Mike EENG1795Forest Hall
15Moreby James427756ENG1774
16Sayers Christopher468967ENG1698
17Noble William466611ENG1645
18Rowden KevinENG1630South Shields
19Czestochowski Eddie459089ENG1615
20Hewitt Gary J443433ENG1575
21Patterson Dave448036ENG1569
22Wells Peter J468991ENG1563
23Savin Mike WENG1540South Shields
24Johnson Stanley430080ENG1503
25Duff Ryan Jgd468886ENG1435
26Parlour David468932ENG1405
27Telford Brian468975ENG1405
28Glasper BrendanENG1338South Shields
29Steel JayENG1173South Shields
30Landon MichaelENG1165Northumberland Juniors
31Robson AndyENG940
32Allen KarenENG0South Shields
33Allen MichaelENG0South Shields
34French Morgan466565ENG1563