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1st Asian Senior Chess Championship Beirut, Lebanon, 4 -14 June 2010

Last update 13.06.2010 12:55:22, Creator/Last Upload: Iran Chess Federation

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Starting rank

1IMHarandi, KhosroIRI2375
2FMAdil, Ali JalalIRQ2223
3Baker HafezJOR2087
4Ibrahim, KhalilIRQ2076
5Dhari, Satea SaeedIRQ1961
6Al Ghasra, Mohed RedhaBRN0
7Asfari, HekmatSYR0
8Aziz SabawiYEM0
9Farid MohsenIRQ0
10Hadad SuhailLBN0
11Hammoud, HusseinLBN0
12Hussein, MohammedLBN0