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2018 O2C Doeberl Cup Minor

Last update 02.04.2018 05:30:09, Creator/Last Upload: Papua New Guinea Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Yang Oliver1336AUS 71b1 12w1 3b0 41w1 14b1 6w1 2b1623,53125,50
2Lee Lachlan1211AUS 49b1 66w1 7b1 6w1 34w1 3b1 1w0621,52923,00
3Young Dashiell1259AUS 50w1 43b1 1w1 33w1 8b1 2w0 4b½5,523,532,523,75
4Ong Weng Yan1388MAS 67b1 14w1 6b0 19w1 22b1 8w1 3w½5,522,53022,25
5Hajdu Johnny1340AUS 35b1 19w0 67b1 16w1 25b1 13w15,52026,521,25
6Ho Lachlan1259AUS 61b1 46w1 4w1 2b0 9w1 1b0 21w152331,519,50
7Karayiannis Riley1304AUS 62w1 30b1 2w0 32b1 21w1 13b½ 11w½521,53019,25
8Poyiatzis Alexandros1299MOZ 39b1 41w1 19b1 20w1 3w0 4b0 25w15213019,00
9Forace Lee1354AUS 16b0 63w1 55b1 12w1 6b0 19w1 23b152027,518,00
10Mercado Rover-Leigh1185AUS 46b- 49w1 23b½ 24w½ 39b1 20w1 22b15192618,25
11Cooke Steven L1576AUS 47b½ 55w½ 29b½ 17w1 20b1 34w1 7b½518,52618,75
12Diao Yizhen1148AUS 69w1 1b0 59w1 9b0 52w1 26b1 27b15182514,00
13Wu Yifu1270AUS 23b1 29w1 28b½ 15w½ 33b1 7w½ 5b04,521,530,518,25
14Anand Aditya1189AUS 59w1 4b0 50w1 37b1 1w0 35b1 15w½4,52028,514,75
15Leong Timothy1436AUS 55b½ 47w1 37w1 13b½ 25w0 28b1 14b½4,5192616,25
16Atia Ben1001AUS 9w1 26b0 70b1 27w½ 5b0 57w1 33b14,5192614,50
17Kong Dexuan1002AUS 33b0 60w1 11b0 44w1 61w1 36b14,51623,514,25
18Wang Eason1063AUS 66b0 52w1 31b½ 46w½ 58b1 33w½ 34b14,51419,513,00
19Patel Khush1182AUS 72w1 5b1 8w0 4b0 37w1 9b0 50w142228,513,00
20Moss Jasper973AUS 42b1 36w1 26w1 8b0 11w0 10b0 51w142129,514,00
21Li Jason1044AUS 36b½ 44w1 27b½ 29w1 7b0 31w1 6b0420,52915,25
22Luo Ricky1270AUS 38w1 28b0 56w1 30b1 4w0 47b1 10w04202813,00
23Simic Filip879AUS 13w0 68b1 10w½ 43b1 26w½ 51b1 9w042027,513,25
24Watkins Sophie866AUS 44b½ 27w0 -1 10b½ 30w1 40b½ 28w½4192715,75
25Huey Toby1232AUS 63b1 54w1 33b0 39w1 15b1 5w0 8b04192713,00
26Xu Ruofan1262AUS 45b1 16w1 20b0 54w½ 23b½ 12w0 47b141926,514,25
27Hathiramani Athena1261AUS 56w½ 24b1 21w½ 16b½ 35w½ 46b1 12w041825,513,25
28Jochimsen Erik1151AUS 48b1 22w1 13w½ 34b0 54b1 15w0 24b½4182513,50
29Cunningham Campbell1135AUS 57w1 13b0 11w½ 21b0 60w1 48b½ 46w1416,52411,50
30Bartley George1160AUS 52b1 7w0 45b1 22w0 24b0 54w1 49b1416,52411,50
31CMEgan Bill1352AUS 37w0 60b1 18w½ 56b1 47w½ 21b0 38w1416,523,512,25
32Wilkie Mary E1140AUS 54b0 58w1 66b1 7w0 46b0 63w1 48b141319,59,50
33Rowland Adam1361AUS 17w1 51b1 25w1 3b0 13w0 18b½ 16w03,52230,513,75
34Van Sebille Sulia1030AUS 74b+ 40w1 28w1 2b0 11b0 18w03,5213012,00
35Luo Ramon987AUS 5w0 64b½ 69b1 36w1 27b½ 14w0 40w½3,51824,59,50
36Mcpherson Erick1461AUS 21w½ 20b0 38w1 35b0 59w1 56b1 17w03,517,524,510,50
37Sun Marco990AUS 31b1 70w1 15b0 14w0 19b0 58w½ 54b13,517,523,59,25
38Chan Lyanna927AUS 22b0 48w½ 36b0 66w1 42b1 41w1 31b03,517,52310,00
39Mathur Neetesh958AUS 8w0 72b1 51w1 25b0 10w0 59b½ 57w13,51723,57,75
40Harris Bruce1208AUS 64w1 34b0 47w0 45b1 24w½ 35b½3,516,52311,25
41Feliu Angelo1142AUS 73w1 8b0 57w1 1b0 48w½ 38b0 58w13,516,5237,00
42Sweeney Matthew1337AUS 20w0 50b0 49w1 48b½ 38w0 62b1 56w13,51521,59,50
43Marks Joe1143AUS 68b1 3w0 46b½ 23w0 61w0 60b1 64w13,51421,58,25
44Tracey Michael J1268AUS 24w½ 21b0 54b0 69w1 17b0 71w1 61b13,51419,56,75
45Warren Elizabeth863AUS 26w0 73b1 30w0 57b½ 40w0 72b1 59w13,513,5185,25
46Yeung Jennifer678AUS 10w+ 6b0 43w½ 18b½ 32w1 27w0 29b03202810,50
47Lo Jonathan1050AUS 11w½ 15b0 64w1 40b1 31b½ 22w0 26w032027,510,50
48Watkins Rachel515AUS 28w0 38b½ 62b1 42w½ 41b½ 29w½ 32w0318,5259,75
49Liu Charlie752AUS 2w0 10b0 42b0 68w1 67b1 55w1 30w0317,525,56,50
50Watkins Bridgette804AUS 3b0 42w1 14b0 55w0 66b1 52w1 19b0317247,50
51Zhang Kendrick (Kenny)1205NZL 58b1 33w0 39b0 63w1 55b1 23w0 20b031622,57,50
52Qu Anson625AUS 30w0 18b0 -1 71w1 12b0 50b0 70w131521,55,50
53Chiddy Lance1153AUS 60w½ 56b0 58w0 57b0 66w1 67b131216,56,25
54Brown Greg0AUS 32w1 25b0 44w1 26b½ 28w0 30b0 37w02,519,5279,50
55Nater Carl1037AUS 15w½ 11b½ 9w0 50b1 51w0 49b0 63w½2,518,5269,00
56Ilka Alexander850AUS 27b½ 53w1 22b0 31w0 70b1 36w0 42b02,51823,56,50
57Kuan Arthur0HKG 29b0 61w1 41b0 45w½ 53w1 16b0 39b02,517,524,57,25
58Atia Raphael724AUS 51w0 32b0 65w1 53b1 18w0 37b½ 41b02,517247,25
59Packianathan Cynthuja683AUS 14b0 71w1 12b0 67w1 36b0 39w½ 45b02,51723,55,25
60Yang Melody602AUS 53b½ 31w0 17b0 62w1 29b0 43w0 71b12,517235,50
61Wang Steven821AUS 6w0 57b0 68w1 70w½ 43b1 17b0 44w02,51622,56,25
62Wen Aiden963AUS 7b0 48w0 60b0 65b1 42w0 72w12,514,520,54,75
63Jule Elena792AUS 25w0 9b0 73w1 51b0 72w1 32b0 55b½2,514,5202,75
64Ilka William742AUS 40b0 35w½ 47b0 65w½ 71b½ 70w1 43b02,514195,25
65Patel Dhwani760AUS 70b0 67w0 58b0 64b½ 62w0 68w1 69b12,510,5144,25
66Lin Shuhan0AUS 18w1 2b0 32w0 38b0 50w0 53b0 -1218256,00
67Yates Anna1024AUS 4w0 65b1 5w0 59b0 49w0 73b1 53w0216,522,53,00
68Yamaguchi Mayuri413AUS 43w0 23w0 61b0 49b0 69w1 65b0 73b1212,5171,50
69O'carroll Om448AUS 12b0 35w0 44b0 68b0 -1 65w01,514,520,51,50
70Humphrey John1227AUS 65w1 37b0 16w0 61b½ 56w0 64b0 52b01,513,520,53,75
71Maheshwari Shrey970AUS 1w0 59b0 72w1 52b0 64w½ 44b0 60w01,513,520,52,25
72Ho Oscar631AUS 19b0 39w0 71b0 73w1 63b0 45w0 62b0113,5180,50
73Ahern Sophia351AUS 41b0 45w0 63b0 72b0 -1 67w0 68w011115,50,50
74Harrison Liam1408AUS 34w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0012,517,50,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable