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2018 O2C Doeberl Cup Premier

Last update 02.04.2018 05:52:49, Creator/Last Upload: Papua New Guinea Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMGareyev Timur2590USA 41w1 8b1 10w1 5b1 7w1 2b½ 3w1 13b½ 4w½7,543,55545,25
2IMMorris James2461AUS 61w1 25b1 47w1 12b1 3w½ 1w½ 6b1 7b1 5w½7,539,549,539,00
3IMBjelobrk Igor2380AUS 55b1 33w1 24w1 2b½ 9w1 1b0 20w1 11b173848,536,25
4GMMa Qun2645CHN 26b1 22w1 11b0 15w1 20b0 8w1 28b1 9w1 1b½6,5385035,75
5Mu Ke2450CHN 59b1 49w1 15b1 1w0 16b1 14w½ 20b1 11w½ 2b½6,53848,531,75
6IMIkeda Junta2415AUS 42w1 12b0 28w1 23b½ 26w1 25b1 2w0 22b1 13w16,535,54731,50
7GMSengupta Deep2579IND 37b1 18w1 9b1 11w1 1b0 20w½ 24b1 2w0 8b½640,552,532,00
8FMClarke Brandon G I2362ENG 46b1 1w0 37b1 49w1 13w½ 4b0 23w1 12b1 7w½6374828,25
9IMLane Gary W2385AUS 53w1 23b1 7w0 47b1 12w1 3b0 41w1 4b0 21w1635,545,526,00
10IMDale Ari2374AUS 30b1 56w1 1b0 21w½ 31b1 11w0 12w½ 41b1 26w163444,526,25
11IMSukandar Irine Kharisma2408INA 27b1 38w1 4w1 7b0 25w½ 10b1 13w½ 5b½ 3w05,540,55230,50
12FMStojic Dusan2265AUS 60b1 6w1 14b1 2w0 9b0 30w1 10b½ 8w0 31b15,53949,527,00
13GMKunte Abhijit2499IND 31b1 15w0 35b1 17w1 8b½ 21w1 11b½ 1w½ 6b05,538,550,529,00
14GMSmirnov Anton2543AUS 43w1 16b½ 12w0 44b1 23w1 5b½ 22w½ 21b½ 15w½5,535,54626,75
15FMChen Pengyu2273AUS 44w1 13b1 5w0 4b0 41w0 45b1 29w1 28w1 14b½5,534,54525,25
16IMSolomon Stephen J2349AUS 45b1 14w½ 21b½ 62w1 5w0 29b½ 26w½ 34b1 22w½5,533,542,523,50
17FMPuccini Jack2264AUS 53w1 13b0 51w1 41b0 42w1 33b½ 29w15,529,538,523,25
18FMLiu Yi2322AUS 50w1 7b0 42w½ 28b0 62b½ 59w1 43b1 31w½ 30b15,52836,520,50
19FMLam Daniel King-Wai2215HKG 56b0 30w½ 36b0 64w½ 48b½ 54w1 62b1 35w1 33w15,525,531,519,25
20IMTao Trevor2366AUS 36w1 47b0 34w1 32b1 4w1 7b½ 5w0 3b0 23w½537,547,525,50
21FMSong Raymond2233TPE 28w½ 66b1 16w½ 10b½ 42w1 13b0 25w1 14w½ 9b05364320,75
22GMJohansen Darryl K2354AUS 63w1 4b0 51w1 28b½ 35w1 14b½ 6w0 16b½5354420,75
23FMChan Luis2210AUS 58b1 9w0 48b1 6w½ 14b0 39w1 8b0 36w1 20b½5354420,75
24IMChapman Mark2385AUS 41w1 3b0 34w1 38b1 7w0 26b0 42w15334422,00
25IMBrown Andrew2278AUS 62b1 2w0 59b1 38w1 11b½ 6w0 21b0 30w½ 43b15334319,00
26Zulfic Fedja2156AUS 4w0 63b½ 64b1 36w1 6b0 62w1 16b½ 24w1 10b0532,540,517,50
27CMBhat Vishal2028AUS 11w0 52b0 50w0 66b1 58b0 63w1 47w1 57b1 41w152228,513,50
28Otawa Yuto1895JPN 21b½ 39w1 6b0 18w1 22w½ 40b1 4w0 15b0 34w½4,5374822,25
29FMHu Jason2157AUS 56b½ 30w½ 37b1 16w½ 15b0 39w1 17b04,533,54220,00
30Winkelman Albert2010AUS 10w0 19b½ 61w1 29b½ 57w1 12b0 38w1 25b½ 18w04,533,54217,50
31Litchfield Frederick2054AUS 13w0 44b½ 66w1 33b1 10w0 32b½ 57w1 18b½ 12w04,532,539,515,50
32Lo Willis2005AUS 40b1 20w0 49b½ 31w½ 35b½ 38w½ 37b½4,53240,520,25
33CMSlater-Jones Henry1869AUS 64w1 3b0 31w0 36b1 43w½ 49b1 17w½ 19b04,53240,516,50
34Cameron Alistair2104AUS 20b0 45w1 24b0 58w1 46b1 16w0 28b½4,531,539,517,25
35WFMNguyen Thu Giang2131AUS 13w0 53b1 55w1 22b0 32w½ 19b0 50w14,53139,516,75
36CMPrasad Lalit1986AUS 20b0 19w1 26b0 33w0 47b1 56w1 23b0 57w14,529,53816,75
37Maguire Tom2096AUS 7w0 50b1 8w0 63b1 29w0 55b0 44w1 52b1 32w½4,52937,515,75
38Cannon David2159AUS 52w1 11b0 55w1 25b0 47w1 24w0 30b0 32b½ 53w14,52937,515,25
39CMSlater-Jones Tom2032AUS 28b0 44w0 52b1 50w1 23b0 55w1 29b0 48w14,5283615,75
40Kargosha Bahman2211IRI 55w0 46b1 32w0 56b1 28w0 48b1 -0 45w14,527,535,517,00
41Wright Neil S2110AUS 1b0 45w1 24b0 48w1 15b1 17w1 9b0 10w0 27b04374818,50
42Parle Hughston2033AUS 6b0 60w1 18b½ 56w1 21b0 49w½ 17b0 46w1 24b0431,54114,50
43Specht Josh2094USA 14b0 63w½ 50b½ 44w1 33b½ 18w0 55b1 25w0429,537,514,25
44Lai Cyrus Ho-Yeung1909HKG 15b0 31w½ 39b1 14w0 43b0 61w½ 37b0 58w1 60b1428,536,513,50
45CMLam Ross1924AUS 16w0 41b0 54w1 34b0 64b1 15w0 58b1 49w1 40b04283510,50
46FMMallari Donato1966AUS 8w0 40w0 60b1 57b0 52w1 51b1 34w0 42b0 55w1426,535,513,00
47Goh Sean Christian1837SGP 68w+ 20w1 2b0 9w0 38b0 36w0 27b0 59w½ 62b13,5324212,00
48Gong Noah1955AUS 23w0 41b0 19w½ 50b1 40w0 56b1 39b03,53139,512,75
49FMKethro Michael2170AUS 54w1 5b0 52w1 8b0 32w½ 42b½ 33w0 45b0 51w½3,53039,512,50
50Paevskiy Igor1919AUS 18b0 37w0 27b1 43w½ 39b0 48w0 61b1 54w1 35b03,5293712,50
51WIMGuo Emma2092AUS 22b0 58w1 17b0 46w0 60b0 62w1 49b½3,5273510,25
52Pigram Daniel1771AUS 38b0 27w1 49b0 39w0 46b0 64w1 59b1 37w0 61b½3,526,53310,75
53WCMJiang Zhaoyi2011CHN 9b0 58w1 17b0 35w0 54b½ 56w0 66b1 60w1 38b03,526338,00
54Renjith Sravan1849NZL 49b0 59w0 45b0 -1 53w½ 19b0 64w1 50b0 63w13,522,529,58,75
55Lin Kerry1851AUS 40b1 3w0 38b0 59w1 35b0 37w1 39b0 43w0 46b03314112,50
56Huang Jimmy Ching-Chih1890TPE 19w1 10b0 29w½ 42b0 40w0 53b1 36b0 48w0 59b½330,539,512,75
57Goldsmith Alan D2179AUS 62b0 46w1 30b0 60w1 31b0 27w0 36b0329,53710,00
58WFMHardegen Kathryn1850AUS 23w0 53b0 -1 51b0 27w1 34b0 45w0 44b0 66w1327,533,58,50
59CMNg Clive2036AUS 5w0 54b1 25w0 55b0 63w1 18b0 52w0 47b½ 56w½326358,50
60CMRussell Paul1897AUS 12w0 42b0 46w0 61b1 66w1 57b0 51w1 53b0 44w0324,5317,00
61Kuan Julian2037HKG 2b0 62w0 30b0 60w0 -1 44b½ 50w0 64b1 52w½323327,75
62CMBennett Hilton1911NZL 25w0 61b1 57w1 16b0 18w½ 26b0 19w0 51b0 47w02,530,538,58,25
63Yu Sally1960AUS 22b0 26w½ 43b½ 37w0 59b0 27b0 65w½ 66w1 54b02,529357,75
64Fasakin Oladoyin1984NGR 33b0 26w0 19b½ 45w0 52b0 54b0 61w0 -122733,55,00
65WIMJule Alexandra2031AUS -0 -0 -0 -0 63b½ -0 -01,526,5345,75
66CMCabilin Jeff1948AUS 21w0 31b0 27w0 60b0 -1 53w0 63b0 58b01,525,532,51,50
67CMPrasad Calvin2024FIJ -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,52430,52,25
68WIMOtgonjargal Sengeravdan2162MGL 47b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0021270,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable