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6th Open under 1900 national or international rating

Last update 02.07.2010 21:40:49, Creator/Last Upload: Greek Chess Federation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Vlahos Ellisseos1740GRE 6b1 17w1 15b1 18w1 3b½ 4w½ 2w16025,532
2Kanellos Dimitrios V1395GRE 39b1 5w1 7b½ 10b1 9w1 3w1 1b05,5024,533
3Fahouri Nidal1640JOR 29b1 24w1 4b1 7w1 1w½ 2b0 8w15,5024,530
4Fourtounis Georgios1440GRE 16w1 9b1 3w0 23b1 14w1 1b½ 13w+5,502231,5
5Lazaridis-Elmaloglou Lazaros1745GRE 31w1 2b0 11w½ 22b1 10w1 13b1 6w½50,51930
6Xigis Michail1190GRE 1w0 36b1 35w+ 15w1 18b½ 7w1 5b½50,51929
7Soursos Panayotis1525GRE 33w1 19b1 2w½ 3b0 11w1 6b0 20w14,5019,530,5
8Hristodoulou Panayotis1000GRE 28w1 15b0 19w1 11b½ 17w1 18w1 3b04,501927
9Nakas Spyridon1745GRE 41b1 4w0 25b1 24w1 2b0 19w½ 18b14,501824,5
10Maroulakos Stavros1510GRE 37b½ 22w1 12b1 2w0 5b0 25w1 19b14,5017,526
11Doulidis Pavlos-Georgios1340GRE 40b1 12w½ 5b½ 8w½ 7b0 29w1 25b14,5017,525
12Antoniadis Konstantinos1610GRE 23w1 11b½ 10w0 26b1 13w0 28b1 14w14,501725,5
13Nikolaidou Eleni1530GRE 25b1 32w1 18b0 16w1 12b1 5w0 4b-402027
14Efthimiou Georgios1655GRE 27w+ 18w0 37b1 31w1 4b0 16w1 12b0401825
15Gazis Georgios1445GRE 21b1 8w1 1w0 6b0 23w- 27w1 26b1401628
16Dimitriadis Panayiotis1005GRE 4b0 41w1 32b+ 13b0 32w1 14b0 29w1401524,5
17Tsatsaronis Dimitrios1370GRE 36w1 1b0 23w0 33b1 8b0 34w+ 24w1401424
18Bellos Evangelos1360GRE 38w1 14b1 13w1 1b0 6w½ 8b0 9w03,5019,530,5
19Kahrimanis Spyridon1255GRE 35b1 7w0 8b0 34w1 31b+ 9b½ 10w03,501525,5
20Vraimakis Ioannis1305GRE -0 33b1 26w½ -0 37b1 21w1 7b03,5013,524
21Karali Panagiota1010GRE 15w0 28b1 24b0 27w½ 38b+ 20b0 30w13,501222
22Fotiadis Kleanthis1495GRE 26w½ 10b0 30w1 5w0 29b0 37w1 28b13,5011,520,5
23Beliotis Georgios1120GRE 12b0 40w1 17b1 4w0 15b+ -0 -0301425,5
24Laspas Panagiotis1265GRE 30w1 3b0 21w1 9b0 25w0 33b+ 17b0301423,5
25Fragiadaki Eirini1105GRE 13w0 34b1 9w0 38b+ 24b1 10b0 11w0301325,5
26Kamitsis Nikolaos1050GRE 22b½ 37w½ 20b½ 12w0 27b½ 32w+ 15w03012,524,5
27Bogdanov Alexander1180GRE 14b- 38b0 36w1 21b½ 26w½ 15b0 35w+309,520
28Epitidiou Epistimi1365GRE 8b0 21w0 29b1 37w½ 30b1 12w0 22w02,521021,5
29Kilakos Dimitrios1165GRE 3w0 30b½ 28w0 41b+ 22w1 11b0 16b02,50,51023,5
30Kazantzoglou Aristotelis0GRE 24b0 29w½ 22b0 39w+ 28w0 36b1 21b02,50,5916,5
31Drakoulakos Grigorios1195GRE 5b0 39w+ 38w1 14b0 19w- -0 -0201123,5
32Triantafyllidis Ioannis1250GRE 34w1 13b0 16w- 35w1 16b0 26b- -0201123
33Adamis Petros1100GRE 7b0 20w0 40b1 17w0 35b1 24w- -020822,5
34Papadopoulos Konstantinos0GRE 32b0 25w0 -1 19b0 40w1 17b- -020818,5
35Lemani Eirini0GRE 19w0 -1 6b- 32b0 33w0 40b+ 27b-20817,5
36Panopoulos Ioannis1005GRE 17b0 6w0 27b0 40w0 -1 30w0 37b+20417
37Dasaklis Hristos1060GRE 10w½ 26b½ 14w0 28b½ 20w0 22b0 36w-1,508,523
38Palamidis Georgios1000GRE 18b0 27w1 31b0 25w- 21w- -0 -010621,5
39Ermidis Alexandros1005GRE 2w0 31b- 41b+ 30b- -0 -0 -010523,5
40Tsekouras Andreas1000GRE 11w0 23b0 33w0 36b1 34b0 35w- -010418,5
41Hajioannou Dimos1200GRE 9w0 16b0 39w- 29w- -0 -0 -000020,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)