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M. Tal Memorial 2018 Rapid

Last update 04.03.2018 17:14:22, Creator/Last Upload: Makhnev Vladimir (Russia, Kimry)

Starting rank list of players

4GMNakamura Hikaru2016192USA2820
3GMAnand Viswanathan5000017IND2805
9GMNepomniachtchi Ian4168119RUS2803
10GMKramnik Vladimir4101588RUS2795
6GMGrischuk Alexander4126025RUS2792
2GMSvidler Peter4102142RUS2770
1GMMamedyarov Shakhriyar13401319AZE2755
5GMKarjakin Sergey14109603RUS2724
8GMDubov Daniil24126055RUS2663
7GMGelfand Boris2805677ISR2644