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World School Chess Championship 2018 - G9

Last update 29.04.2018 13:20:32, Creator/Last Upload: Chess Club Union

Player overview for nzl

4Ning Isabelle Yixuan1388NZL1½½½010104,51640-80,40G9

Results of the last round for nzl

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Ali Kausar1250 1 - 0 Ning Isabelle Yixuan1388

Player details for nzl

Ning Isabelle Yixuan 1388 NZL Rp:1169 Pts. 4,5
118Apeksha M D C0SRI4,5s 1
212Bursali Ela1113TUR5w ½40-13,20
313Sodtuya Odgerel1113MGL5s ½40-13,20
424Khulan Bayarsaikhan0MGL5w ½
51Wu Abbie1627USA4,5s 040-8,00
627Nasirova Lala0AZE3,5w 1
711Indira Priyadharshini Subbu1161IND5s 040-31,60
87WCMIsmayilova Khanim1259AZE4w 14013,20
98Ali Kausar1250KAZ5,5s 040-27,60