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Hart House Reading Week 2018 U1900

Last update 20.02.2018 02:27:35, Creator: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 34),Last Upload: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 23)

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Starting rank

1Ranola Alberto5220920CAN1872On (Hamilton)
2Piccinin Mario2614251CAN1865On (Kitchener)
3Baki Shaumik2615843CAN1773On (Windsor)
4Cale Ferdinand2613514CAN1757On (Scarborough)
5Nemati Omid2616483CAN1756On (Waterloo)
6Huang Youhe2629445CAN1752On (Thornhill)
7Milinkovic Mate2622416CAN1751On (Kitchener)
8O'sullivan Patrick2621789CAN1751On (Holland Landing)
9Ganea Mihai2623412CAN1747On (North York)
10Rusonik Greg2631091CAN1736On (Thornhill)
11Wang Eric2629518CAN1733On (Toronto)
12Li Yun Hong (Kevin)2631083CAN1729On (Toronto)
13Ma Yue RanCAN1725On (Toronto)
14Ugodnikov Arkadiy2615940CAN1710ON
15Ali Shafkat2613441CAN1706On (Toronto)
16Sharma Surender Kumar366195105CAN1700Fo (Delhi, India)
17Zhao Jonathan2619350CAN1699On (Toronto)
18Liu Harry2628589CAN1670On (Markham)
19Mhaskar ShardoolCAN1669QC
20Zhao Jeffrey R.2627450CAN1669On (Toronto)
21Gao Raymond2629429CAN1660On (Toronto)
22Khachaturov VadimCAN1649On (Toronto)
23Corrie Michael2631067CAN1639On (Don Mills)
24Shi QiCAN1638On (Richmond Hill)
25Gilani Mysha2618966CAN1615On (Toronto)
26Xiao Edward2628643CAN1561On (Toronto)
27Qiao Joey2623200CAN1554On (Toronto)
28Ma Andrew2631245CAN1543On (Richmond Hill)
29Wing Richard2621355CAN1533On (Toronto)
30Li WingCAN1524On (Toronto)
31Barmasch OswaldCAN1513On (Thornhill)
32Shen Isamel2619024CAN1505On (Markham)
33Aliaj JurgenCAN0
34Dumitru Mindrigan13902016CAN0On (Toronto)
35Friedman Andrew Charles30946023CAN0US
36Tan AndyCAN0
37Hahn Bernd2617269CAN1764AB