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Hart House Reading Week 2018 U1600

Last update 20.02.2018 02:26:59, Creator: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 34),Last Upload: Canada Chess Federation (Licence 23)

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Starting rank

1Botescu AdrianCAN1545On (Mississauga)
2Xie Austin2623919CAN1496On (Markham)
3Viger TorinCAN1495On (London)
4Metcalfe Drew2622548CAN1489ON
5Kurkowski Ken2613719CAN1475On (Toronto)
6Jeyakumar Yathushan2619911CAN1474On (Scarborough)
7Mesiti Silvano2628678CAN1473On (Toronto)
8Guo Haotong Hazel2618974CAN1469On (Markham)
9Gillis Doug2604361CAN1462On (Aurora)
10Wu Edward Yang2629526CAN1455On (Richmond Hill)
11Yuan DanielCAN1454On (Scarborough)
12Benggawan Undriadi2627973CAN1451On (Mississauga)
13Chen Derek2629410CAN1449On (Mississauga)
14Jeyakumar Bhavatharshan2619148CAN1446On (Scarborough)
15Moore JonathanCAN1413On (Toronto)
16Ai AmyCAN1410On (Markham)
17Zhuang Jin Rong (Winnie)CAN1379On (Toronto)
18Locham DivjotCAN1377On (Windsor)
19Schyngera EliCAN1376On (Toronto)
20Rajendran Vignesh KumarCAN1347On (Ottawa)
21Kalmanson EvgenyCAN1332On (Mississauga)
22Cao BruceCAN1331On (Mississauga)
23Gao LucyCAN1321On (Scarborough)
24Ripley SamCAN1306On (Harrow)
25Chen AndrewCAN1287On (Richmond Hill)
26Li AdamCAN1284On (Richmond Hill)
27Bercovici MarkCAN1283On (Toronto)
28Asselin AlexisCAN1280On (Toronto)
29Dong YiweiCAN1249On (Toronto)
30Finkelstein MichaelCAN1238On (Toronto)
31Archibald Colin B.2613468CAN1229On (Scarborough)
32Lin AngelaCAN1215On (Toronto)
33Amrithraj BrohathCAN0
34Karunaratne SahanCAN0
35Yakobovits DylanCAN0